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I love hugsssssss ☝🏾️😂🤗😻👌🏽✌🏾️🙏🏽

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Black And White

The 18 best cloud computing startups to work for, according to employees

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The ability to rent computers and software over the internet, aka cloud computing, has forever changed the computer industry. 

But that doesn’t mean that every cloud startup is a good bet for a prospective employee. 796 more words


Bionic Wiring Abstract

This week’s art journal page is going to take some explaining.  The Colour Me Positive prompt was “best”.  I was a bit stumped and was letting the idea of best rattle around in my head for a bit and then I thought of the idea of being the best possible version of me by being a bionic me.   287 more words

Best Pickled Beets

(makes 8 pint jars)

2 c sugar, honey or maple syrup
2 c white distilled vinegar
2 c water
1 tbsp allspice berries
1 tbsp whole cloves… 157 more words


One For My Baby And One More For The Road

It started at Ruby Tuesday. I heard it while chomping on some ribs and french fries (“disguuusting”, right? But sooo good 😏) a couple of weeks ago. 298 more words


Learn Exactly How To Make Sure Your Getaway Is Good

Planning for a getaway could be hard, specifically if the person will be traversing to a spot they haven’t been to in the past. There could be a large choice of hotels… 296 more words


5 blogs you NEED to follow

Check them out!!!!!

1. Samantha Maria

So much aesthetic. Dang girl, you’ve got it goin’ on.

2. The Katy Project

Besides her incredible Youtube platform she’s built up over 5 years of having a strong internet presence, she’s begun spilling tea in print format and I couldn’t be more supportive of her raw take on life. 72 more words