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Decadent Molten Lava Cake

Kids are my weakness, especially when they’re cute and so is chocolate – my little nephew had his birthday, so on a popular demand I ended up baking a couple of Molten Lava Cakes for the little one and the rest of us. 486 more words

Black Sails Portraits

Here they all are the scurviest pirates ever to sail the seas. Overall I feel the end results worked out good and learned some new techniques. 9 more words


Jack Rackham

This the final portrait I did. It was also the most difficult and time consuming. once done though I was pleased with the end result. This one I also took the most stage by stage photos just to give you an idea of how i build the image up to the end result.


Long John Silver

As I develop these works I find myself working through them faster as I develop a process for working out the correct areas and layers. However I am not rushing through these works. 9 more words


Charles Vane


Using the lessons learned from the Captain flint portrait I decide to adopt a less is more approach and reduce the number of layers. Therefore I was able to produce this one faster than the first.



Hi guys!

It’s been waaaaaaaay too long since I have updated this blog! However, I have good news for you guys! The Miata is coming out of storage in exactly two weeks and I have been buying parts all winter long! 127 more words

Red Hat Cat Birthday Party Idea

Hats off! Red hat cat theme party was coming and full with lots of cute ideas! All of the bright colors are so much fun! I absolutely adore all printable from to the cute favor boxes, party hats, banners, tags,etc!  117 more words