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About Us

Unless we are separated by university or work, we are pretty much inseparable.

So much so that people think we are in a relationship. It doesn’t help that we enjoy wandering around The White Company discussing the bedroom layouts for our future children. 60 more words



Today since I’m sleeping over my best friends house I thought I would talk about friendship. That cute blonde up there is my best friend Bethany! 204 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: annaflora1

My favorite #neighbor, is turning 3 years old today! 💕💕💕 #happybirthday, #blackisbeautiful, #blacklivesmatter, #mentoringourfuture, #puremichigan, #eastown, #bestfriends, #love, #children

by annaflora1


First Day...

As always First day is the memorable one, first day at school, first day at work & first day in a new places… these memories will always linger in our hearts & minds no matter how long years pass by, either good or bad still haunts us once in awhile… I can still remember the time that I was so scared stepping in the classroom without my parents, crying so loud and felt so alone, & trying to escape in that room…but after being ignored I suddenly realize why I cry? 270 more words


THROWBACK|| Babies in Black

LOOK HOW YOUNG!  How time flies. Funny how some things never change and we still have an affinity for black and white duds :)



I recently spoke to a co-worker/friend about her Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. She kept repeating that anything in life is mind over matter and that’s how she got through it (and let’s be real, Karissa Renee has been telling me this for years). 213 more words


Part 51. someone I love was born today

Today, nineteen years ago, a beautiful princess was born. That princess isn’t a princess anymore. Loll she’s me. Aha! Its my birthday. I don’t celebrate birthdays af course. 1,809 more words