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Sometimes life is weird.

She slept, I didn’t.

I am both at the best and worst moment of my life.

A moment of change and transformation which is bringing me face to face with the things I am letting go, it is a double edged sword. 45 more words


5 Things Women Want In A Husband

I thought about posting this for a while now. But first I had to make tripple sure of, what the 5 things are that I want in a husband that other women want aswell. 865 more words


Going Out Wearing Makeup for the First Time--with Friends P1

I’m a natural girl; wearing nothing but my face to all occassions. Even if it’s an outting, or a friend’s birthday party, my face is pretty much the same😅 But ever since I started to endulge myself in the world of makeup around a week ago, I think I’m ready to go out with my friends wearing makeup. 1,300 more words


Is the phrase "Best friends forever" over used???

Almost every Indian child grew up hearing the great friendship story of Krishna and Sudama. Then “Friend” was the one who would go to extremes to help you in need, will be with you in happiness and sadness, who would know your state just by looking at you. 426 more words


Forever and Always

I have always wanted the perfect man – he must love me, care for me, see me as the most beautiful woman in the world, make me laugh….. 459 more words


The Heart of Friendship

Friendship is the Greatest Joy in my opinion when one comes a cross a true friend.  Country singer Tim MCGraw sings a song “ Find out who your friends are”  he talks about in hard times who is going to be there. 182 more words