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A story of how one person affects three lives and all for a little attention.

We were a trio of best friends. I’m going to name my two best friends Ash and Kash.

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I Was Disowned By My Best Friends

So I got dumped. Not by a boy, but by my best friends. These were my Sex in the City girls- we were together everyday, we shared clothes and make up, you get the point. 579 more words


new beginnings

If someone told me a few months ago that I would start a blog, I would have probably laughed in their face. All of my life I have been labeled as the “shy” and “awkward” girl and it has caused me to be very reserved. 214 more words


A Week of Adventure

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Over the past week I have had two glorious friends from university come and stay with me. To breach the gap between us, and for me to look back at what we did, I wanted to document it all here. 553 more words

Feeling Good

Some Break-Up's Are Harder Than Others.

I took losing my best friend a lot harder than I took my break up. This sounds incredibly harsh especially because I thought I’d been in love with the man I broke up with since I was twelve years old and when we broke up we had been living together for nearly a year, we had two cats together, I was close to his mother and sister and we’d been together for nearly two years. 676 more words


Friendship comes naturally!

Friendship comes naturally

Today, I would like to share someone else’s story with you, rather than mine. It’s about a girl in my school. I never really knew her well, since she’s a sophomore and I’m a junior. 271 more words


Colorado Adventures

A group adventure in the outdoors of Colorado. In just three short days, we were able to make it to some of the “hot” spots for the outdoor enthusiasts!