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~ Early Birthday Presents From The Best Of The Best ~

Good evening all!
So my birthday is in two days and I decided
to have a get together with some friends this weekend.
Lots of laughs, lots of drinks and lots of dancing. 490 more words

Tipsy thoughts & things at club

You thought to yourself ‘tonight is the night you go all out.

You announced to all ‘tonight is my turn’ 802 more words


Sorrow or not?

This is the middle of week 6 for my “friend” who was diagnosed with Leukemia – the most fast moving type of the disease. The doctors predicted she would live between one and four weeks. 293 more words

-platonic soulmates

i told her

the places my mind wondered

the darkness it discovered

and instead

of banishing me to a cage for monsters

she held me close… 6 more words



Drinks on Monday?

I’m not usually one for drinking on a week day but I yesterday I think I was right to bend the rules a little, and that’s because I decided to accept an offer for a masters placement!!! 250 more words


To My Person

I think that you are placed into people’s lives for a reason. Sometimes I wonder how we got so blessed and what we have done to deserve a friend like you. 444 more words


BFF Birthday Potato

Once I had nothing to give my best friend for her birthday so I gave her a potato (we saw a movie later as my actual gift). 71 more words