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V-day Blues

Yes in about a week the day that most women hate is upon us, Valentines day. Don’t get me wrong the whole “roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet..riff raff” is cute and sweet, only when you have that special someone who treats you like a Queen and brings you nice things. 191 more words

t r i o

The trio who made it through high school. Hair flips. Nah, I’m not here to brag about surviving high school, I’m here because I miss  149 more words


Edinburgh, Scotland. What a cute city! Take me back! It felt like a mix between London and the Irish countryside for me.

We traveled to Edinburgh with our best friends who came to visit us over the holidays. 374 more words

Break from Mr. T

Have failed at the first hurdle. Couldn’t even last a day! I sent Mr. T a message on Facebook to let him I was struggling and that I had my doubts it was a good idea. 23 more words

Letter #3

Dear M,

I want you to know first and foremost that your Italian-ness is important to me, mostly because your last name means ‘lock of hair’ and I love that, but also because Italian is what brought us together. 681 more words



Spending time with people who have the same passion and interest will make you feel really good!

Having Chay and Janelle makes my day extra special-the crazy things we do together, the time for creativeness and talking about our personal lives. 105 more words

Settling: Never Less Than The Best

My Alma Mater went by the motto, Never Less Than The Best. Of course back then I just thought it pertained to our undefeated football team and being an A school. 388 more words