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Make me a big tall tree

Today has been a day of mixed emotions for sure, like what Anais Nin said about the stars tugging at her hair- my blood has been casting a spell where memories spin with eye of newt and spiced shadows. 387 more words



First of all, to all those readers who are actually reading this post because the title is ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, this post is not about that series. It’s about our actual friends. 301 more words

Her Grace...

Without her the days were five hundred miles long, torturous, and anticlimactic.

It was impossible to fill the void. Even the fields of flowers wilted without her sun. 177 more words


She was beautiful in the quiet way, unnoticed people are beautiful to those who notice them.

Third portfolio which is also related in our Summer theme. 

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Fun in the sun!

Today I met up with Meg for an evening out in York (or to just melt in this heatwave – not the best weather when you’re 30 weeks pregnant!). 251 more words

The Beginning

It all began somewhere and yes I had a life before the age of 5 but not one that I remember very well. So lets start in kindergarten, where all great stories begin. 565 more words