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Bestie Chronicles: Should You Try Seasonal Besties?

Have you ever thought you needed to take a break from your besties? You might think besties are supposed to be in your life forever, no matter what the season is. 189 more words


Meet Elijah.

I haven’t posted on my “Meet a Friend” page in quite some time, so here goes:

Elijah is my little brother. He’s the oldest of the two but will always be my baby. 508 more words


Halo Friday's & early birthday lunch with dad

Friday 16th March

So to begin my birthday weekend, I thought it would be amazing to have a massive pre drinks and go to one of my favourite clubs in Bournemouth. 245 more words

Everyday Life


Taylor: “Hey, so I was thinking that I should get a notebook and we write down all the questions I have and then research them. Like have you ever wondered why people tell you to use Epsom Salts and what makes people so crazy when they eat them?” 126 more words


Most Friendships Are Meant to be Temporary

By the middle of April, most of my high school classmates had given up on learning anything. The ‘Senioritis’ was real. Most of my teachers understood this fact and opted to share their advice about life after we walked across the stage in May. 381 more words


Friendships in college

Friendships in college are much different than friendships that you’ve had throughout your life. In high school, if you grew up in a small town, like mine, you grew up talking to the same people, seeing the same faces and with the same circle of friends. 594 more words


When I was younger I always believed and told myself that my best friend would be someone I could trust, could go to when I was at my worst and at my best. 1,123 more words