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Always The Plan

If I had to live my life over again, my wish would have found you sooner. so I could love you longer and  to see if our path would have started as babies or children, or perhaps a crazy school age crush. 349 more words

Teacher BFFs? #BestFriendGoals

By J1 Reporter Ellie Rommelfanger

Two girls hold hands and spin in a circle against a sunset backdrop. This is the Instagram picture that you just looked at captioned “#bestfriendgoals.” What are these “goals?”  Well, if you ask junior Bunny Nelson, she will tell you, “Best friend goals? 324 more words

Online Exclusives

Tight Circle.

Friends. A topic that we can go on and on about. How many bestfriends do you have? How many close friends do you have? What can you even consider a friend or a bestfriend? 822 more words


I think this photo was taken during our senior year in high school and this is the oldest (and so far, nice) photo that i got from my files. 156 more words

Best Friends

Jack had a crush on Stacy. Jack and Stacy were best friends since childhood. He had crush on her for more than 2 years. He always wanted to reveal his feelings to her. 590 more words


The Little Blue Bird

I was at a place that was so strange for me. I was trying to do something that I never did before there.

I was so nervous. 387 more words


If your going through a rough patch...

I have dealt with depression, which most don’t know about, even my closest friends and family. I have thought about ending my life so many times. 825 more words

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