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Am I On A RollerCoaster?

Would someone like to tell me when I got on a rollercoaster? When did I sign up to ride the ride of life and do flips and turns, Ups and downs..? 321 more words

My Mask.....Your Mask-Growing to Authenticity

Today I write about my mask that I use quite often to hide myself and my brutal truth from most of the world.  We all use masks.  915 more words

Two for One

In the spirit of writing letters of advice to our future husbands, I figured I would make one more fact about myself known to all. I have a best friend. 380 more words


Day 6: Those were the days - Part 1

The last 5 years were so fun and I’ve definitely became more mature over time. I went from annoying loud Sabitha with the squeaky voice, to still annoying and loud but have more depth in the content I say kind of Sabitha. 667 more words


Hey Guys! How are you all?

Last time, I made a DIY Lip Balm , but today I am collaborating with Andee, my best friend hihi. 452 more words

Friends do


I’m tired. But I can’t fall asleep, and I scroll threw social media it’s very apparent to me that one of the most common theme is love. 114 more words