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A little about the train journey.

When it comes down to the topic ‘train’, every Indian has to have at least one stirring experience. Especially, of the local trains.

Even the express train travel has its own charm. 541 more words


Twenty something. 

Tonight was wonderful. I am so estatic! My best friend for more than 20 years asked me to be in her wedding party. The day I arrived to Canada from Greece in 1993, Sara and her family were waiting at the airport for us. 762 more words

Hard Days

Yesterday, wow what a day.
I had to attend the funeral of a passed girlfriend, current friend and a future bank of funny stories. To sit, watch and listen fighting back tears until a joke in someones speech only to be repeated for the rest of the afternoon. 122 more words

My Love

Here it comes! A sappy long blog post about Russell and how much I love him and how we met and why we couldn’t be more perfect for each other. 656 more words


Late night yoga 🌚

I’m ill just now, which means I’m keeping my workouts at a low intensity. To stop my body from completely stiffening up, me and the bestfriend decided to partake in a little late night yoga. 60 more words

BFF Telepathy 

Is it possible for best friends to read each others minds? We like to think so. The number of times we have interrupted each others thoughts seems unreal. 187 more words