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In Vain

June 25, 2023. Now.

She waits. Her heart beats faster than the small hand on her clock but she remained sitting on that old bench. That one particular wooden bench that witnessed everything about them. 780 more words


From your Ice Queen

You are fully aware that I’m not the greatest at expressing my emotions verbally, so I figured I’d put them in writing 💋

If someone had told me that the kid who asked me, ‘Do you like ketchup?’ every day at lunch, sophomore year, would end up being my boyfriend that following summer, I probably would have had a pretty good laugh. 514 more words

Enigma Part-2

Dedicated to my friend Supriyo,

“You know,no one else wanna hear about our stories.
I’ve stopped telling those long ago.
How good it would have been… 82 more words


22 Thank You's To My Bestfriends

My best friends have become my family. Some I’ve known forever others only a little while. Each of them have touched my life in so many different ways and I honestly do not know what I do without them. 266 more words

Sister sister👧👧

Today started with me being an arsehole parent as my one year old daughter would tell me if she could talk I. Full Sentences and the reason why you might ask?! 446 more words


Oh Asuka! You’ll come. You’ll come and I will receive you at the airport. I pray, I pray with all the heart left in me that Natsuki won’t be able to get a day off. 210 more words


Happy Anniversary!

Six happy, memorable, joyful, exciting years that Martin and I have shared together. 367 more words