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Heart To Heart

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was living on a big city by the sea. She wasn’t that popular, she was different, everyone could tell, but she was a great girl, she didn’t have many friends but there was someone special. 642 more words


Love & Hope

(apologies for the gayness of this post, it’s terrible and senseless, as with all of my thoughts) So I guess I’m really shit at consistency, sorry about that. 553 more words

Fly far away

We were all kids. Kids who used to love containers with water. Water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Holding the cap by our lips and giving our gentlest but powerful blow. 131 more words

What Life Brings

Prom 2015

One of my best friends who is graduating this year did not get asked to prom by one of the males in her grade and she didn’t want to go alone to one of the biggest events of her senior year, so she asked me instead. 31 more words

To My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend, Ate Kaye,

Before I met you, I have a friend who is very special to me. She is like my sister and you can say at times that we’re inseparable. 435 more words



“What do you expect from me?”, she asked him.

They were getting married. My friend, the “soon-to-be-groom” had no answer. He said something that chuckled her. 290 more words


A (friendly) gathering.

I am hanging out with them. The friends who have caused me stress to the point of night terrors. The friends that have caused my insecurities to boil over. 111 more words