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"Woman" arrested for bestiality turns out to be a transwoman

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“Woman” arrested for bestiality ? News Media fictionalizes sex of crime suspect

April 26, 2014



I’ve said this before: when stories emerge in the media about women who live as… 317 more words


"Being taken and owned...in exchange to be transformed into a female..."

“Old school Trans Woman here, who loves men who are more conservative and believe in clear gender roles…I am in no way a feminist…I have several fantasies that I am drawn toward…Being in the female role…Being sold into the sex trade…Being hunted down by dogs…the dogs take me down and I submit to them…”

the mind of louie gohmert...and why he should stay in texas

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Holy shit, you’re right. I can’t believe it, I was totally set to debunk this.

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Matthew 5:32

Porneia is the transliteration of the Greek root word πορνεία (por-ni’-ah) [1]. It is used in at least 25 verses in the New Testament and 41 verses in the Septuagint (i.e., the Greek translation of the Old Testament from ca. 917 more words


Guys and Dolphins

Well a guy had sex with a dolphin.

I wasn’t sure how to phrase that, but there it is.

Oh and somebody made a documentary… 290 more words

Interview with Editor-in-chief of 'Now The End Begins.com' | FLOW OF WISDOM 1/2

Photo Source: deesillustration.com

I had a two hour conversation with the editor in chief of the website NowTheEndBegins.com, Geoffrey Grider. We discussed Katy Perry’s Half Time show during the Super Bowl and being obsessed with darkness, bestiality and satanic imagery. 35 more words

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Meanwhile, In Florida: Man Jailed After Wife Catches Him Having Sex With Pet Chihuahua (DETAILS)

A man in Palm Beach County will be spending 100 days in jail after being caught on tape having sex with his family’s Chihuahua. Daily Mail… 138 more words