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CANADIAN COURT Passes LAW . . . Making It Now 100% LEGAL . . .... To Have "Relations" WITH ANIMALS!!! (The End Times Are Here)

The supreme Court of Canada has taken the idea of sexual freedom to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL…. The court  officially just about legalized every EXPLICIT ACT act between HUMANS and ANIMALS!!!!!.  456 more words

What do you mean by that?

Never really believed the paralyzing litigious problem anywhere is about lawyers, judges, politics, or “the system”. Before I explain: Pig Brothel

There are a slew of these headlines about the state and the blog is somewhat inspired by stifling the jokes about the latest headline from a town closer to the one where I am imprisoned: … 498 more words


Leadsom "Male zoo keepers will just try to shag the animals"

Zoos should only employ female zoo keepers, as the male ones would only try to shag the animals, according to former Prime Ministerial candidate Andrea Leadsom. 212 more words


Keeping it in the Family (Chapter 3)


This chapter contains many taboo subjects.  Do not read them if you are liable to be upset by them. These include a woman having sex with three men, a mention of Male/male rape, sex with a dog and some teasing.   2,249 more words


I Hope You're Happy Now.

Well, it finally happened: The turkeys voted for Christmas. I am, of course, referring to the recent decision by the British electorate to leave the European Union. 447 more words

Le Canada légalise la Bestialité (Sexe avec les Animaux). Quelle génération diabolique sur la route de l'enfer ! Est-ce la fin des temps ?

        La cour suprême du Canada a légalise le 8 Juin dernier la bestialité, acte qui prône les relations sexuelle entre les personnes et les animaux. 357 more words


Dog Fur

knees on the ground, tepid air
around my skin, sticky and sweet.
by my ankles stands a black wolf.
my mother is gone from the old house. 174 more words

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