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Woman 'stabbed husband for drinking her last BEER'

A WIFE is accused of knifing her hubby after he drank her last beer while she was asleep.  Tracey Lee Giffin allegedly flew into a rage when she woke up from a nap and discovered her last can in the house was gone.   170 more words


House of R'Thoth


An action game based on World of Warcraft characters. You are a sexy draenei stuck in a nightmare, you must fight many demons, obviously they want fuck you !

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Woman charged with 3 counts of bestiality pleads guilty, to receive sentence in November

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Image by alexskopje via ShutterStock

Jenna Louise Driscoll, 26, has pleaded guilty to three counts of bestiality
Law enforcement say they found 3 videos on her phone undertaking lewd act… 8 more words

Lookie, lookie...a man had sex with a goat...it didn't even rhyme but whatever...

So a Paulding Co. man had sex with a goad in GA. that’s pretty much the whole story. Haha. This was our number 1 story for the day and cultivated over 100,000 page views. 37 more words

CANADIAN COURT Passes LAW . . . Making It Now 100% LEGAL . . .... To Have "Relations" WITH ANIMALS!!! (The End Times Are Here)

The supreme Court of Canada has taken the idea of sexual freedom to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL…. The court  officially just about legalized every EXPLICIT ACT act between HUMANS and ANIMALS!!!!!.  456 more words

What do you mean by that?

Never really believed the paralyzing litigious problem anywhere is about lawyers, judges, politics, or “the system”. Before I explain: Pig Brothel

There are a slew of these headlines about the state and the blog is somewhat inspired by stifling the jokes about the latest headline from a town closer to the one where I am imprisoned: … 498 more words