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Florida Is Going To The Dogs

Meet Bradley Jean Hubbard. This handsome devil enjoys a simple life free of soap, razors, and female companionship. After all, who needs a woman to satisfy their needs when you have a pit bull? 140 more words


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Are you looking for a good taboo read? Do you want to see a young brat get punished? Be taken by man’s best friend?

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Taboo Erotica

36 Women Confess The Kinky Sexual Secrets They’ve Never Told Anyone

Found on AskReddit.

1. I once orgasmed 83 times in one day.

“I’m female. In my mid-teens, I was severely depressed and became addicted to masturbation as a coping method. 4,469 more words

Sexual Discourse

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Bestiality and Islam Part 2/3

Part 2/3

Scholars’ View(Fiqh)

There is a consensus among Fuqahas of Islam that Bestiality is a forbidden act.

Imam Nawawi(d.1277 AD) wrote Encyclopedia of Shafi Fiqh “Al Majmoo”  which is commentary on work of Earlier Shafi Scholar Imam Abu Ishaq Shirazi(b. 2,024 more words


Bestiality and Islam Part 3/3

Part 3/3 Allegations and Controversies

Ayatollah Mosavi Khomeini:

Ayatollah Khomeini the founder of Shia Islamic Revolution is in controversy for his book “Tahrir Ul Wasilah”.  Anti-Islamists quoted his saying about “Bestiality” proving that Islam allowed Bestiality. 2,989 more words