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Bestiality, Consent, and Selective Sexual Morality

Hang around people who talk kinky sex long enough, and eventually bestiality (human/animal intercourse) will come up. At that point you’re almost certain to hear something along these lines: “Well, naturally, that’s a consent issue, because animals aren’t capable of consenting to their involvement in your scene.” 409 more words


Gran kills neighbour's 5-year-old boy for being cuter than her grandson

A JEALOUS gran stands accused of murdering her neighbour’s grandson for being “cuter and smarter” than her own.   Li Xiuling suffocated five-year-old Wang Minghan, and then buried him in her own courtyard, police in China said. 165 more words


Fisting Fundamentals

There’s nothing like being a little heavy-handed with fisting, so on the podcast this week we discuss the do’s and don’ts as well as read smut and — a Chanel Talks Smut first — a non-porn related book!


Mother charged with murder after allegedly tossing baby from New York window

A newborn baby has died after his young mother tossed him from a fourth-floor window of their New York City apartment building, authorities say.   He landed on courtyard pavement 12 metres below, a prosecutor said. 157 more words


Home Sought for Sexually Abused Dog (video)

This must first be translated from ‘politically correct’ into the ‘common’ English. The story is simple – some guy brought home a stray female dog, raped it, somehow police learned about it, the guy was arrested, tried and convicted… of a misdemeanor. 125 more words

Animal Abuse

Sicko, Russell Joseph Meyers, 54, Admits To Sex With German Shepard On Four Occasions; Got Caught When Bestiality Act Was Accidentally Left On Voicemail

AL.com — A man living in Phil Campbell has become Franklin County’s first suspect under the state’s bestiality law enacted last year.

Franklin County deputies arrested Russell Joseph Meyers, 54, on four counts of bestiality, plus one count of second-degree possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. 80 more words