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6 Must Haves If I Was Stranded On A Beach

If i was stranded on a beach and had to choose 6 things i would need i would choose:

My Phone

I would need my phone because i would need to talk to my friends and take loads of pictures because i love my phone SO MUCH. 290 more words


Photo Story - Mumbai Memories

My last post was a riot of negativity. I don’t really believe in deleting posts but perhaps sometime down the line, I may remove it. Today, let’s talk through pictures. 596 more words

High Vibin' - and tips to stay that way.

6.30am – *bing* eyes wide open…..

“did that really happen last night? Did I really see what I thought I saw? I mean, I have visualised it every day during my affirmations, but did I really truly see that on my phone screen?” 2,316 more words


Japan, posters and a night out with my roomie

Japan flights are booked!

A couple of posters for the competition. Thank god.

New pub with Jonny. I’m glad we go out still. And play dominoes

Best Friends Day

Hey, y’all! Good evening, friends! Which…is intriguing…to call you friends, seeing as yesterday was National Best Friends’ Day. We were lucky that we got to see all of our friend group at various points throughout the day, but I’m also extremely grateful that AJA and I got to hang out together some on this day, too. 276 more words

Life And Likes

Bestie Chronicles: Road Trip To Fun Events With Your Bestie This Summer

Summer Jam

The annual Hot 97 Summer Jam located in New Jersey is a great event to attend with your bestie! Summer Jam features the top and best artist in the music industry. 150 more words

Period, you-terus and kiwis

My period started

Jonny’s response to my period starting

Hunt for the Wilderpeople