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Foam Glow 5k!

This run was a blast! I did the run with my best friend so having her with me was definitely a plus! Before the run even started there was a huge rave going on by the main stage. 269 more words


Which R?

So, which “R” you filled with? , they say the number one killer of old people is retirement. People got ‘em a job to do, they tend to live a little longer so they can do it. 111 more words


Good Patient

Hi Everybody!

I’m feeling better after the cold.. and much lighter on my feet today as I realized while I was on my way to meet bestie. 142 more words

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Why Your Best Friend Should Be A ‘Pusher’

A true best friend is not just the person you can tell anything to. They’re not just the person you can be a complete goofball with. 651 more words

close, but...

I did not make it in my calorie range yesterday. I tried but it was just too much and I couldn’t force my body any further. 362 more words


Bestie syndrome

I don’t believe men understand the bestie syndrome. And I believe woman need their besties. A bestie being the person that knows everything about you and you can say anything to with out the fear of being judged. 235 more words

Make Me Disney- Cinderella Photography.

After styling and making-up Emily, we did some photography in some nearby woods. It was at the evening golden hour, so the lighting was beautifully rich. 74 more words