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Wahalaboy wrote:Male Bestie's are hazard to your relationship

Why Most girls today have a male best friend they call “bestie”. And these besties serve as the chief custodians of the girl’s emotional garbage. 665 more words

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Virginia and I often have coffee dates. At the end of our day, we like to sit at our local Starbucks and discuss our day, the things we want to do, and any new ideas that we have, a new crush, new plans, new music.. 125 more words

"Me Time" even if it means staying up late...

I am almost always tired. I usually fall into bed at a reasonable hour – most nights anyways. But every once in a while I need to stay up late. 229 more words

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My name is Julia
I’m from Puerto Rico. My family and I moved out here when I was 8 and grew up in Dunnellon, FL :) 208 more words

There's something about Monica !

I have known Monica for three years we met because our dogs fell in love – this picture shows our first meeting and we humans soon discovered we could be great friends too ! 124 more words