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Asexual relationship? How?! Why...

As a romantic asexual I don’t mind relationships and have been in a few myself. This is as a preference true but the reality is quite different. 348 more words

Let's Talk: Best Friends!

How many friends do you have?500 on facebook? 20 in real life?

Well, ‘BFF’ was a term assigned to “friends” who were more than “friends”.Climbing up this social ladder, A two best friends start as strangers, then friends and after spending days and nights, chatting with each other till 4.a.m. 471 more words


Soul sisters, almost me and mint tea

Texts from Jonny. Being his drag mum. Wanting to be his soul sister.

Breaking the surface at work in the afternoon and smiling and joking. It felt such a relief to feel almost normal again. 30 more words

i have so much to do

i have creativity pouring out of me at the moment. i have so many posts i want to write, things i want to write about and pieces i want to make. 397 more words


Funny, a good housemate and Jonny. Always Jonny.

New series of Master of None.

Lauren making me laugh and making me feel less of a moany twat.

Five minutes of texting Jonny. Five minutes of feeling loved and liked and funny. 24 more words

​Day 20 Topic 20: Best Things about Bestie's Wedding 

On Sunday one of my besties from office, Aksh, got married.

U know it still hasn’t kind of sinked in that she is married. Like MARRIED!!! 257 more words



I had a best friend once.

I thought we would be tight forever. Instead of having a maid of honor, he would be my best man. 127 more words

Life Lesson