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Day 2.46 - Blanket Hog

I finally get a blanket big enough for both Sushi and I, then she goes and wraps herself in it when I’m out of the room.


Slowly recovering from all of the fun. (And snow.)(And ice.)(And fog.)(And wine.)

Everyone should have a girls’ (or guys’) weekend every once in awhile. It’s a little inexplicable – even though you’re up late, drinking, and – in our case – taking your lives into your own hands by driving over untreated icy bridges and parking lots (oh, just wait til you get the story about the race registration packets), you end up so much more rejuvenated for all of that. 207 more words

The People Who Keep Me Sane

Day 2.45 - U.S.S Free Hugs

I LOVE this shirt. And giving Sushi surprise hugs. She loves it too. Because I said so.



I’ve never really been a people person.  I’m an outgoing introvert so while I do enjoy being with friends and socializing, at the end of the day I need my alone time.   325 more words

Testy Thoughts

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

After spending the weekend with some old friends, it got me thinking about the fluctuation of friendships.  I grew up singing this folk song at Girl Scout camp and it has always stuck with me. 222 more words

Quick Read

A Pleasant Day

Was caught in the train fault case along the east-west line. However, still early and in time to meet Dear for Dinner.

This is his. Fuwatoro Tenshinhan at Osaka Ohsho – Raffles City. 272 more words


Day 2.44 - Busted

Sushi sure can be judgy when I get home late.