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Happy happy happy birthday Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

i woke up like two seconds ago!!!! And guess what!!!!!!! It’s kitty’s birthday!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Selina Kyle!!!!!!! Or as all of you know her http://searching4selina.wordpress.com.&nbsp… 264 more words

Running Soul

It doesn’t matter what I do.

I promise.

Because no amount of therapy will ever aid me in forgetting what you put me through.
What all of you put me through. 97 more words


Reunion and Reunion


Woke up 6ish in the morning.

‘I need to clean’.

Ok.. Zzzz

7am. Oh no.. Have to wake and mop mop mop.

Bapa: Why didn’t you tell me earlier what order? 260 more words


Friday Fives

1. We are all guilty of being like, I don’t have time. I didn’t have time to respond. Sorry, I can’t, I’m busy. If something is important to you, you find time. 175 more words

Friday Fives

Day 2.194 - Check Out These Hooters!

My grandmother Rose collected owls all her life and she passed that bug onto me before she passed away. Tara and I went on one of our friendsbian lady dates tonight and ended up at the 99cent store where I found these owl coin banks; I was just going to get one, but Tara convinced me that it would be lonely without a friend.


Somebody that I use to know

Best friends are meant to be forever, right? They are the ones who are Supposed to stick with us through thick and thin right? 527 more words


BESTIES - By Augustus Bill

They see you as psychologists, they are ready to share their problems, and would readily run to you for advice.

Tell you how their boyfriend cheats on them and how 472 more words