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The two white-throated kingfishers are regular residents in our forest. We don’t see them together very often except for this funny little episode:

The kingfisher on the left caught a bug :3… 80 more words


Day 2.132 - My Bed is the BEST Bed

While the bed I slept on when I was in Montana was really comfy, nothing compares to laying on your own sheets. Although I did enjoy flopping on the bed without fear of being impaled by an antler.


The Dance of the Humans

I had a lovely couple of days in London where I got to spend time with my parents, a bunch of family friends and some normal friends. 225 more words


Chronicles of Moo Moo Land: Food vs Retail... Nursing wins?

Dear Styna and Ally,

While you guys are out having fun seeing the world, I’m in Calgs for the whole summer, so don’t expect anything incredibly awesome to happen to me :-P It really is like sisterhood of the travelling pants, Styna’s in Greece, Ally’s in some foreign exotic place being all smart and stuff and I’m the one that stayed at home working like Libby. 902 more words


>>> 10 Reasons Why This Project 365 Has Worked For Me <<<

I started my Project 365 on November 1st, 2014 and I haven’t missed a single day since

That means I’ve been doing it for 209 straight days!!! 684 more words

In the Name of the Moon!

When I was younger, I never missed a Sailor Moon episode on Toonami.

After school I would park myself in front of the television, pull my blonde hair into high pigtails,and sing along loudly to the catchy theme song. 259 more words

Sailor Moon

A Strong Love!

Thought I would share a typical, and some what humorous conversation between my best friend and myself on Facebook. Can you relate to such a strong love?