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The Bestie

Ive briefly mentioned her but it doesnt do her justice so heres some more info.


My sis boyfriend (now husband) is friends with my 30 seconds one night stand.

666 more words


This weekend Eloise and I went on a little adventure to see our bestie at Uni. Naomi is currently studying v hard at Cambridge and it’s not often that she gets time to relax and have some fun so we did our best to give her a weekend to remember. 89 more words


Red Packets, Oranges and Steamboat(s)

Usually I will be overseas, spending my chinese new year with my Family. However for the past couple of years, I chose to stay back because my now ex-fiance was always disappointed I was not spending CNY with him. 244 more words

It is no secret that I’m obsessed with my friends. Lots of relationships in our lives have value beyond the romantic ones and my friendships have been places where I’ve truly grown into myself. 286 more words


The black dog bit hard

This is the most terrifying blog i have written so far but i want to get my story across and help end the stigma and also if my story can help anyone to not do what i did that will be an amazing thing. 830 more words


To my amazing friend

I once had a friend

An amazing friend, really she was an amazing friend

She had it all or so it seemed to me

She had the perfect figure, making other girls jealous and boys’ heads doing the 360 rotation… 248 more words


New and Improved!

Guess Who’s Back?!

That’s right I am back and I am better than ever, who knew that was even possible, ey? Those of you who know me personally would have known I had another blog called The Tattooed Type One Tubby, a bit of a mouthful right?! 690 more words