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Book Review: Tyffani Clark-Kemp's 'Lies and Snow-Clad Graves'

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1VMfvua

Pelican Freak’s Review:

Short version –
A great read, impossible to put down. Read within 24 hours. Just needs to be proofread as the mistakes/typos/etc. 361 more words


Quote of the day #001

One bad chapter doesn’t define the rest of your story! That bad chapter make for your story becoming a BESTSELLER!



The Story of a New Name: Imposter Syndrome

Book two of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series, The Story of a New Name is as captivating as the first. Following Elena and Lila as they enter their twenties this second installment continues to explore the contours of their friendship, Elena’s growing sense of self and the impact of politics, class and gender on choice. 195 more words



Like a slow knife penetrating the gut, the doctor’s test result briefing was bad–though we didn’t understand most of his terms, we could tell by the expression on his face that there wasn’t much in the way of good news. 968 more words


Book Review: 'Blood and Shattered Glass' ...

The Book:


Written by the brilliant Tyffani Clark Kemp.

Because this is my blog and not amazon or Goodreads, I don’t have to worry about a star rating as much…  Instead you can find my breakdown of the different things that impact my reading experience and overall takeaway here: 454 more words


Have You Read 'The Great Hunt'?

Short Description:

Having just turned seventeen, Samantha Krus, daughter of the Lord of the Hunt, must embark on a once in a five year pilgrimage of blood to Aloehexa called the Great Hunt. 335 more words