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October 24: Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

Word Mastery :

Innovators: adventurous people who are willing to try something new

Early Adaptors: people who follow the innovators but aren’t the last to adopt the new fad, the deciding factor in whether something “tips” or not… 917 more words

Being Precious

If the world were perfect, this is what I’d look out upon from my writing desk.

In reality, it’s more like this:

Waiting for things to become perfect before I write would mean waiting forever. 246 more words

Book Review- Never Kiss Your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi

Book Name- Never Kiss Your Best Friend
Author- Sumrit Shahi
Genre- chick-lit/ Romantic Comedy
Publisher- Rupa Publications
Pages- 206
Price- 195


Go lingerie – shopping with him. 424 more words

Book Reviews By Anuj Kumar


In this room, hours pass, a slight

corruption of each previous

allotted time block—and probably

confirm failure and humiliation,

which though not ideal, I accept… 160 more words

Thought& Opinion


We’ve all been trained and raised as advocates, so we go in with a position. There’s a place for that. But we need to be able to set that aside, because we need places where that’s not all we’re doing… So one thing about listening — generous listening — one really simple characteristic of it is that the generous listener is ready to be surprised.

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Thought& Opinion


It is a biological truth that safety is almost always a prerequisite for the best in us to emerge… Love doesn’t always work as we want it to, or look like something intimate and beautiful… Sometimes love, in public and in private, means stepping back.

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Thought& Opinion

Makin' Cabbage

Park and Marie didn’t go on the Jassodyssey to make a lot of ‘Cabbage,’ they went to explore the roots of jazz. You can too by reading the series. 8 more words