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The Orphan Train

The Orphan Train might be my favorite book that I read this year.  It reminded me a little of
The Shoemaker’s Wife, so if you liked the Shoemaker’s Wife I think you’ll love The Orphan Train.   97 more words

Books, books, all around... that none of us will read?

Writers get alarmed by business meetings, especially when their books get crushed into numbers, pesos and spreadsheets to such an extent, they’re in danger of disappearing altogether. 1,025 more words


nerdy girl reads: the likeness

Howdy. Did you miss me? Sorry for my absence. Chalk it up to writer’s block and some good old fashioned burnout. I can’t promise I’ll be back every week, it is spring and every moment not at work should be spent outside, but I’m finally feeling inspired enough by a book to share. 719 more words


We Were Liars

This book is a very talked about book. I didn’t really know what it was about when I decided to read it, I just knew that it was picked as the YA Goodreads choice from 2014. 439 more words


No Accounting For Taste, or Why I Love Kingsley Amis

I was listening to Book Riot’s podcast this morning and there was a really funny piece about Salman Rushdie and how he was rating a few well-loved books on his… 321 more words

Books In Print

What you never knew about bestsellers

Silk’s Post #126 — Okay, okay … this post really should be titled “What I never knew about bestsellers.” Maybe you’re even more of a book trivia geek than I am, and all this is old hat to you, but look at it this way: I got you to read this far on the slightly dubious claim of my title’s hook. 1,616 more words


The Girl On The Train

I am reviewing the novel The Girl On The Trains by Paula Hawkins which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. Paula was born in Zimbabwe although lives in Britain now. 200 more words