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Jim Beam and Writing—Part 1

There’s a billboard in Chicago that  millions of people see daily. It’s on the entire side of a several story tall building, located at the on ramp for the interstate in and out of Chicago.   310 more words


The National Post Loves JERUSALEM!

Here is yet another wonderful review for a book that is already a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic just two weeks after publication: 159 more words

News And Reviews


As a self-published author, ideas for marketing and advertising are always welcome. Self-marketing is a struggle; networking is hard in a small circle.

Continuing the effort to publicize, I stumbled across this  87 more words


What if it Rains

Setting up the full sound equipment for a choir and band to perform outside, for instance in a park, takes an extensive amount of effort. Between speakers, wires, and every small technical detail, by completion it’s been several hours of labor, lots of sweating, and a good amount of tactician’s effort—how things need to be positioned to sound the best, where they’ll be out of the line of vision (but still effective), and the wires that need to be set and draped to avoid a rats nest of tangle. 92 more words


Still holding on...

This morning it looks like fall outside, but by lunchtime it will feel like mid summer. The summer feeling is still holding on, even though fall is pushing hard, trying to slip in. 296 more words


Most authors have a nine-to-five after their books see success,

I’m making writing my career, pushing hard to be the best.

When The False Reality… 312 more words


Love Your Ugly Literary Exes

Here’s the thing about reading: some motherfuckers bring in “coolness” into the equation and ruin it for the rest of us. I’m talking about the douchebags who assure you their interpretation of Dave Foster Wallace’s work is a must-hear. 936 more words