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A Blog of Kittens

Last night myself and a few friends ran an Exploding Kittens #KittenConsul Play Test Party at Dragon’s Lair in Austin, Texas. We had a great time, raised some money and goods for awesome causes, and got to meet some wonderful people. 664 more words

Card Game


For my first, truly positive post:

Two of my favorite celebrity / semi-celebrity people.

Jason Chandler Cushman, AKA “A Opinionated Man” who writes the Harsh Reality… 123 more words


I know I’ve been posting lot about house stuff, and not much about TTC stuff. That’s because nothing is really going on.

I feel no signs, though I know you will all say it’s still very early. 356 more words

Stone Soup

We’re readying MacGuffin for the beta-release at the end of April. The basic functionality already works nicely; now we’re implementing some of the fine-detail stuff: formatting for poetry, adding hyperlinks at the end of stories, analytics data-visualisation, adding the static pages and forum. 418 more words


Beta postponed

When I had my IUI 12 days ago, I was told by the Dr to make my beta appointment for tomorrow. If I had had my IUI on a Sunday, they would have said to have my beta on Monday. 224 more words

IUI and relaxation afterwards

As stressed out as I was Saturday morning before my IUI, the remainder of the weekend was fairly stress-free. (though I had 1 freak-out in the afternoon…) After the procedure, B and I went to the eastern shore in Maryland to relax. 821 more words

GW2: Heart of Thorns Beta Sneak Peek / Test Thingmajig Thoughts

Brought down a wyvern out of the sky with about 8 people or so.

Felt pretty good.

Oh yeah, we killed it too, but that was only a matter of time. 828 more words

Guild Wars 2