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Thoughts And Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

“Attack on the streets of Paris kills-”
Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.
“Attack on a night club in Orlando-” 289 more words

A Farewell To 2016

Here is my first piece of writing I wrote at the end of last year. It’s almost as if I’m a new person with improved writing skills. 528 more words

Baby Wars: Chemical Pregnancy

It is official, it was a chemical pregnancy. Jo had her blood work done this morning and the numbers are dropping. The doctor did say that the numbers were low enough that her normal period should take care of everything and we should be able to try again this month. 173 more words


Baby Wars: Return of the TWW

So what do you do when the TWW decides it isn’t done with you and pretty much just wants you to experience it all over again, other than curse at the heavens that is? 655 more words


Write! app: A Review

I was recently granted a copy of Write!, a new semi web based text editor. I promised to give an honest review in exchange for trying the product. 576 more words


IVF Beta results

It’s funny, for the past however months I’ve blogged on here, I generally had plenty of things to say. My feelings runneth over most of the time and therefore so do my words. 998 more words


You Can Pre-Load the Call of Duty: WWII PC Open Beta Now

Players can now pre-load the CoD: WWII PC Open Beta between now and Thursday, September 28th. Here’s what to expect this weekend.

PC players have had to wait patiently but the time has come for them to put their mice and keyboards to the test. 1,136 more words