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Apple is no longer signing iOS 12.2 after 12.3 release

Image: Yura Fresh

A few days after iOS 12.3 released to the public, Apple discontinued signing iOS 12.2, which is the version before 12.3. Users can no longer jailbreak or downgrade from iOS 12.3 to iOS 12.2. 122 more words


“You think you want it…”

Yesterday, May 22nd, Blizzard conducted the first stress test on the Classic World of Warcraft servers. While many faced serious issues getting in, myself included, the stress test still brought a lot of data to Blizzard. 357 more words


Simulating the WoW Classic Opening

The beta for WoW Classic has been up for a bit now.  Some people, and not a few streamers, seem to have made the cut for the beta which Blizzard has said it wants to keep limited. 1,121 more words


Thursday's Tool – Beta

Most investors with some basic knowledge know about the P/E ratio. That
ratio can tell you how expensive an investment is, especially related to
comparable companies. 375 more words


Now you see me, now you don't (with a word of caution)

One of the distinct advantages of being on the public Tableau Beta program is getting access to a ton of new features that are coming in the product road map and are often featured on the… 1,391 more words


Writerly Things...5/20/19 Re-evaluating Things Traci Kenworth


Things…5/20/19 Re-evaluating Things


I had my third and hopefully final surgery for the year Thurs. I had a big
scare with events after the surgery but I’m on meds now and doing better. 196 more words


Japan And US: Mario Kart Tour Beta Codes Incoming

Gamers in Japan and the United States should start receiving their beta codes for Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart Tour for Android. The actual beta begins on Wednesday, so codes are now slowly beginning to roll out. 18 more words