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Caution! Autism on Board.

A few months ago Jesse’s dad, Dalton, called us up and invited us down to visit in Texas. He and his wife, Patti, rented a beach house just south of Galveston and we were invited to join them for a week of fun, sun and as much relaxation as Kamp would allow. 686 more words


The Outsiders

People want to be kind and compassionate; I truly believe that. However, actually putting kindness and compassion into action is a lot harder than just thinking about it. 672 more words


Why I Walk for Autism

I have tried several times to sit down and write a few blog posts, but the things I seem to want to talk about are a little difficult for me and I have continued to put them off. 323 more words

Beth Black

Leaving him behind

I have never been to California. I know it sounds crazy. I grew up 12 short hours from the Pacific Coast – but alas – I’ve never been. 562 more words


Summer Days Are Here Again

Growing up, summer was always a really magical time of year. Some of my favorite memories are sleeping outside on the deck with my brothers and sisters, playing night games and going swimming. 404 more words


Waiting to hear, "I Love You."

Along with autism, Kamp has been diagnosed with Receptive and Expressive Communicative Delay Disorder (RECDD). It means that, not only does Kamp not use language, but he has a hard time understanding it too. 457 more words