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Sexiest Song of... The 1990's

The Nineties are here on Sexiest song of… and we’re slowing things down, dimming the lights and moving from the dancefloor to the bedroom. The decade showered us with… 257 more words

Six 'Sexy' Days

Portishead - Roads (1994)


In fact, Danger Mouse had made waves before the Grey Album, working with Jemini on Ghetto Pop Mix… 52 more words


I'm gonna watch the blue birds fly over my shoulder

“Candy Says” har været min yndlingssang i ti år, fordi den er så smuk. Lou Reed fra Velvet Underground skrev den til bandets selvbetitlede album fra 1969, som bliver genoptrykt på vinyl snart. 71 more words


Who’s The Dummy?

I’ve been listening to the original 10-track version of Portishead’s astonishing debut album Dummy (1994) for nearly twenty years now*… but I didn’t realise until this very morning that the CD was later re-released with an eleventh track, titled “It’s A Fire”! 123 more words

Rants About Music