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Today I live my life with zest.

Too many times, we put one foot in front of the other to reach the end of the day. 74 more words

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I say yes to life.

Fear of the unknown can shrink our world.  We stay in the same routine, at the same job, with the same friends, doing the same thing for many years, and then wonder why we stagnate and feel unfulfilled. 37 more words

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I exude confidence.

Those who are insecure often present a loud persona or exhibit bravado to cover their insecurity. Bullies often appear to have a large presence but in essence are small inside. 34 more words

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Wellness flows into my life.

When asked, “How are you?” the answer is often a list of the woes and afflictions. Saying a genuine “I’m fine” is a rare reply. 39 more words

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I’m using my voice.

Parents may discourage children from speaking their opinions. School and work circumstances often require those with differing ideas to hold their thoughts, or be penalized for voicing them. 40 more words

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I am at home in the Universe.

We may have strong ties and loyalty to our country, religion, or family group. Some identify so intensely that they establish artificial boundaries that they will defend to the death. 43 more words

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I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.

In moments of difficulty, some of us lose our ability to remain calm. Our primitive brain kicks in with flight/fight ideas, which often result in kneejerk reactions that exacerbate the bigger picture. 51 more words

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