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Time, Place, and Space

February 13, 2017

Fellow naturalist and writer Julie Zickefoose recommended Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert as a reminder “to beat fear back in the pursuit of self-expression.” I had not been impressed with her… 511 more words

Beth Lapin

The River and the Lake

January 27, 2017

While I am waiting for my daughter’s appointment to begin, I notice a box of Earth Magic Oracle cards (Steven D. Farmer) 446 more words

Beth Lapin

Shellfishing in Southeastern Connecticut

As I drove into Bluff Point State Park to meet my hiking group, I was surprised to see that the lot was full. Last week when we came here, there were a handful of cars, while today maybe fifty. 388 more words

Beth Lapin

Northwest Park, Windsor and Friendly’s, Windsor Locks

20 January 2017

The day promised to be sunny and in the high forties when Cherry and I head to Windsor for our hike to Friendly’s. 474 more words

Beth Lapin

“Blew” Monday

January 17, 2017

I recently learned that the third Monday in January is touted as the most depressing day in the Northern Hemisphere. I guess that could serve as a warning for those of us prone to such emotions. 410 more words

Beth Lapin

I Have a Cold

January 7, 2017

I have a cold. I hate having a cold. Mine always incapacitate me for a week and it amazes me that a so much time can disappear from action in this way. 423 more words

Beth Lapin

Hiking for Friendly's: Great Meadows, Wethersfield

October 11, 2016 Cherry and I are grateful for a beautiful, warm fall day to continue our Hiking For Friendly’s adventures. We want to stay fairly close to home, so we choose Wethersfield as our de… 8 more words

Beth Lapin