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Back At It

I mourn my lack of writing lately. I have become lazy, and laziness does not produce inspiration or creativity. But, today as I searched God’s Word through Beth Moore’s guidance, I became inspired because God’s Word is living and active – amen? 819 more words

Bible College Week 1... DONE !!

Ok, so these four emojis basically cover my week !!  Super excited, so tired I feel I could sleep for a week, realising I’m a natural nerd, and finally… LOVING every second of it !! 497 more words

TURN to Vulnerability

1. The state of being vulnerable or exposed. Type of danger
2. Susceptibility to injury or attack. Type of weakness
(according to vocabulary.com)

This week I was doing some research for another writing project, and it had me reviewing notes from a Beth Moore Pastors’ Wives conference I attended back in 2009 in Nashville. 924 more words

Christian Living

Language of Our Souls

Emotions and experiences can be expressed in song in ways spoken words can never satisfy.

I am not at all sure that song is not the language our soul speaks and understands most fluently.

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Get to it.

When it comes to the roommate lottery, I win. It is a crazy blessing to come home to these two Godly women who love me in ways I cannot describe. 577 more words