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Hap Palmer: 1970's Preschool Boogie

I have always gravitated toward children’s music from the 1970’s, probably because I was born in ’76 and associate good, catchy tunes for three and four year-olds with the original music of Sesame Street and the… 93 more words

Beth Sulski

English Language Learners: What I Just Learned About My Students, Bilingualism and Public Schools

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world.  According to the New York State Comptroller, there are approximately 138 languages spoken in the borough of Queens alone.   663 more words

Lois Ehlert, Leaves and Leaf Activities!

Fall is here! Two of my favorite books that focus on the Fall theme are Leaf Man and Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert. 840 more words

Beth Sulski

Ella Jenkins: Children's Music Pioneer and a Very Cool Person

The music of Ella Jenkins has been used in preschool classrooms for decades. There is a universal appeal to her music, with lyrics that are simple to understand and her calm, soothing tone that causes groups of young children to sing along, move to the rhythm… 172 more words

How do I talk to this parent about their child??

As the first month of preschool comes to an end, teachers begin to notice when some students have not reached all of their developmental milestones. This often means that the student’s parents will be called in for a meeting in order to determine their interest in making a referral for a series of evaluations to determine if their child qualifies for free services to help catch up.  685 more words

Music and Movement!

The Goldfish by Laurie Berkner

Every year my preschoolers learn this song and love it. As the fish sleep, pretend to go to sleep. As the fish take a shower, pretend to take a shower. 42 more words

Squiggly Lines and Pictures (AKA Emergent Literacy)

Education.com defines emergent literacy as “the precursors to literacy skills. These skills are rudimentary approximations to sophisticated literacy skills. Scribble writing is an emergent skill in the development of adult writing.” 112 more words