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An eventful week with family and friends

On Monday morning September 21st Brian the worship leader from Harlow Hill and my prayer partner came to discuss my plans for the service I was leading on October 4th and we commended our plans to prayer. 596 more words


Beth Manners' Magic French for Kids: ages 2-6

Beth Manners' Magic French for Kids: ages 2-6 on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of a Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner of a Dr. 29 more words

Rick and Morty - Season 2, Episode 1 - "A Rickle in Time" - The Consequence of Freezing Time

    “A Rickle in Time” kicks off Season 2 and actually stands really strong on it’s own. In this we get a glimpse of Rick’s good side as well as giving us the full consequence of what happens when you mess with time. 404 more words

Animated TV Shows

Beth | Free Range Poultry

February 22, 2000

Spring weather is at least a month away, but that doesn’t prevent us from thinking about it and dreaming about it.

Shawn is planning to go into the chicken ranching business with dad as a financier and adviser. 189 more words


Beth and Cate

“They say we lost more than a hundred planes, about a dozen ships. They say more than a thousand men are dead. They say people are still trapped under the Oklahoma, banging on the hull, screaming for help as we speak. 1,842 more words

Mad Manila

Beth | A Big Budget Buddy-Cop Movie

Sunday, February 20, 2000

Sometimes I think my life looks like a scene from a Lethal Weapon movie, especially on a day when Miles has been in a crazy mood and I am thrilled to abandon ship when Mel gets home. 249 more words


Addictions, Understanding our body chemistry

Addictions, Understanding our body chemistry 

Understanding how our body chemistry works can help us to prepare and to succeed in cutting down and withdrawing from addictive foods and other substances. 438 more words

Kundalini House