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Beth’s Hidden Talent

So anyone who truly knows me might already know this, but I’ve got a special hidden talent. It’s not something you would guess by just looking at me, or by lookin at my grades or anything like that. 363 more words

Our Beloved Grandson Alexander Stephen Gibson

I am sorry that I have not done a posting for so long, as I have  been very busy and not always very well in the latter part of last year. 834 more words


Celebrating The 12th Doctor: Series 9

Welcome back to our 12th Doctor celebration! This week we’re talking all things
series 9…


‘Just The Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS…’ 671 more words


#ThisIsUs Clooney S2Ep12 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @TheMandyMoore @NBCThisIsUs

Kate (Chrissy Metz) shops for her wedding dress and in the past, it’s time for The Pearson children to go to the mall on the NBC’s… 67 more words

TV Shows

Celebrating The 12th Doctor: Series 8

After 3 brilliant years, the 12th Doctor’s time in the TARDIS came to an explosive end in Twice Upon A Time. After drying up some of our tears, we decided it wouldn’t be the end of an era without some kind of celebration, would it? 802 more words


Little Women (2017) – A new TV series on Louisa May Alcott’s Classic

‘Some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again’ – lines from 1994 movie – Little Women

These lines spoken by actress Winona Ryder in 1994 motion picture on Louisa May Alcott’s classic – Little Women stands so true for those who love reading their favorite classics. 361 more words