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Happenings in Our Home

Happenings at our home last week (October 10-14):

1.    Mom learned that home schooling doesn’t need to be like “school”.

2.    Little B learned to tell time. 367 more words


Happenings in Our Home

Happenings at our Home: Week October 24-28

1.      Our first full week of our new schedule. Milking by 6am. A little tiring, but very successful as now we can get milking done before dinner and have the rest of the evening “free”. 190 more words


Happenings in our Home

Happenings at our Home: Week Oct. 30-Nov. 4

1. We learned that we can’t do math on Mondays. Late nights over the weekend and back to early mornings on Monday just don’t mix well with Math. 460 more words


Happening at our Home: Week 11/7-11/11

This week operated a bit on the fly as I was sick and didn’t have the chance to put together a real thorough lesson plan for the kids. 196 more words

Token Economy

May 2010

Token Economy

Here’s how it works:

Each child has certain responsibilities that they are to get done each day. If they get them done 100%, not almost, they receive a determined amount of points at the end of the day. 944 more words


First day of School 2010

First Day of school 2010

Once again summer has come to a close and the routine of getting up early, cramming everything into a few hours in the afternoon, and going to bed early has begun. 246 more words