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Women's Bodies in Doctor Who

A Personal Struggle: Beth

I have struggled with body image my whole life. From being bullied as a child for my overweight figure, to eating problems and self hatred, the struggle has always been there. 1,806 more words


Jenny Colgan: The Christmas Invasion Q+A

Today marks the launch of 5 new Doctor Who target novelisations, featuring new series episodes for the first time! We spoke to Jenny Colgan about her Christmas Invasion novelisation, her favourite female Who character and more… 365 more words


The final stretch begins..!

Wow… time really is flying! It only seems like 2 minutes since I wrote my last blog but as always I seem to have fit an awful lot in! 351 more words

British Council

Companions That Never Were

Over the years there have been some incredible women to grace the world of Doctor Who, but sadly never made it as long-term companions. This week we’re taking a look at these fantastic characters and what made them that extra bit special… 865 more words


Project DG

About six weeks ago, I made a card game. I fiddled with it for a couple of weeks, pitched it to a publisher, got a soft acceptance, and now I’m in the process of designing it some more. 551 more words

DT 28690 - DT 28694

DT 28690

Economist’s way of describing major speeches without books (6) = KEYNES

major speeches = KEY NOTES, without = deletion, books = OT (Old Testament) 31 more words

DT Cryptic

About a girl: This Is Us 2x17 "This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life"

It’s the episode before the season finale and it could go two ways: 1) pull a Game of Thrones and be the lynchpin of the season or 2) filler leading up to the finale. 1,693 more words