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Hi everyone! It’s Beth here from over at The Books Are Everywhere, with a bookish recommendation for you guys.

So, I was chatting to the lovely Sophie the other day about my most recent read, The Square Root of Summer…and she said something that made me think – ‘it sounds like The Love That Split the World!’

105 more words

Gingerbread Cake with Maple Bourbon Frosting Beth Cakes

Gingerbread Cake with Maple Bourbon Frosting Beth Cakes

*NEW* Liam Riley Memorial Day!

Hello! Little late here sharing this but check out the new snapchat story video from Liam Riley Memorial Day held at Beighton Miners Welfare.

Lots of people gathered in memory of the fallen hero and friend to many and to also help raise money for SSAFA. 10 more words


Chapter Six

She ran blindly, it was so dark now, a cloud had covered the moon and blocked out all and any light.

She couldn’t remember from where she’d come, or in which direction she was facing when she set off , and now in the full dark she’d never be able to spot and find the tree line and her way to safety. 525 more words


Chapter Five

The words mean absolutely nothing to me. I don’t even know a Beth Sanders, at least I don’t think I ┬ádo, and there’s nothing in my life that relates to studying science, well there’s nothing in my life right now. 950 more words


It’s been a week.

I have nothing to show for it aside from a messy home and a strange parcel, unopened, on the living room table. 1,364 more words