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casual romance

Hello, hi! Hai! My name is Bethany, and I am in a casual romantic relationship!

Wait! Don’t leave! I promise you casual romantic relationships exist! 517 more words


Contemporary Bra Burning?

Fun fact: did you know that the term “bra-burning” is a misogynistic myth? Oh yeah, feminists and their supporters never earnestly burned their bras.

One of the most potent images society has incorporated into our stereotype of a feminist is this mental picture of her ripping off her bra and flinging it into a bonfire as a way of signifying a shucking off the yoke of male oppression. 573 more words


Don’t Miss the Fall Fairs in September

Two of the area’s biggest fall fairs – the Lindsay Central Exhibition and Bobcaygeon Fair will be here before you know it.

The 164 th… 262 more words


#LaborDay and More Today in the News

#LaborDay and More Today in the News 9/3/2018

Today’s Recap
Ashley at the New Improved Monster Mini Golf as they have New Ownership. Ashley was at Pier 1 Imports checking out Fall Trends. 868 more words


Who Was John The Baptist?

John 1:22-28 This week Pastor Ron continues his series on the Gospel of John.  This time we learn who John the Baptist really was as he answered the questions the religious leaders asked him. 54 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Evergreen State Fair

1 September 2018

We went to the Evergreen State fair. This is my favorite animal we saw. lol

This is what Caleb looks like when he sees roller coasters for the first time. 14 more words

Random Life Stuff

August - 2018

Persevere is my Word for this Year.

Looking at where I am in my life, I really don’t want to take on anything new, but I do need to deepen my knowledge and commitment to the things I am doing. 737 more words