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Today My Rapist Got Married - I am Always a Survior

Today my rapist got married – and yet today against all odds I was happy. I had a great day. Out of the blue the guy I like decided to visit me, he had no idea, but today was good. 19 more words



1 day. In 1 day my rapist will be married.

I want to die. That would be better almost, wouldn’t it?

How is this fair. How is him being happy fair.




3 days until my rapist gets married.

Images flash through my mind. I don’t always remember which is real. My mind is twisting. Confirming his words. 7 more words


Visit the Canoe Museum this Summer!

Located just a short drive from Bethany, the Canadian Canoe Museum is located in Peterborough.

“The Canadian Canoe Museum is a unique national heritage centre that explores the canoe’s enduring significance to the peoples of Canada, through an exceptional collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft.” 453 more words


Monday, Monday, Monday.

In 27 days I pack up my things and drive to Nebraska. I was getting anxious about new clothes, new school supplies, and new room necessities. 202 more words


In 5 days the guy who raped me is getting married.


The Pillars of Friendship: Life at UNT

High school was easy.  College is a whole different level.  First off it can be really scary; you probably don’t know a lot of people, moving away can be challenging, and making new friends can be intimidating. 611 more words

Getting My Start