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youve got yourself written

all over my heart.

but i suppose that’s fine –

after all,

you were just the best of

bad ideas documented. 92 more words


Where John was baptising

John 1.28  This all happened at Bethany on the other side of the Jordan, where John was baptizing.

The introduction to John the baptiser in the narrative proper of John’s Gospel situates us in a place with two descriptions.

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Painted Plastic

I didn’t grow up with porcelain faces
But instead painted plastic
I always wondered what it’d be like
To care for something so beautiful
Would I be different if I had? 54 more words


Tucked Between

My joy is the long fingers tucked between mine.
No space between to give room to dark clouds of doubt.
Squeezing, grasping, to keep my demons out.  90 more words


You Won't

You can understand
That red means stop
and green means go
But you won’t understand
That yes means yes
and no means no

Mahogany Etchings



Some people have monsters deep inside
for some they aren’t that deep
Some people keep them locked inside
and others let them free

Where did the come from… 78 more words


My Favorite Blogs

Hi! Bethany here. I just wanted to tell you about a few of my favorite American Girl blogs/websites. Here they are!


This is one of my favorite blogs/websites, and reading it inspired me to beg my mom to make me a blog! 96 more words