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Do not waste your expensive new carpet!

A couple of months earlier, I felt that my old carpet has become rusty and I have to find and install a new one to get my floor the new floor covering and to get my room a new and better look. 466 more words

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Hiring the Group Benefits!

Well, if you are the owner of a company and you want to hire the best professionals and retain them to work for long in your company, then you have to compensate them with good packages as well as giving them the best health care plans. 453 more words


I am still amazed at our human body.  Here are some interesting facts about our fascinating anatomy.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 902 more words

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Lunch 3/17/2015: Salad bar

I left my phone at home yesterday so I couldn’t post my office lunch of Monday but I ate the same thing today as yesterday so here it is. 156 more words


Lebanese/Syrian - Bistro LaZeez

Just a quick post on a dinner visit to Bistro LaZeez in Bethesda, MD.  Not enough for a blog but just a post with a couple of highlights. 256 more words


Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

Doc Joe and the staff at Your MD wish to pass on this holiday wish to you and your loved ones:

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is this opportunity to say Thank You and to wish each of you and your loved ones peace, health and happiness throughout the coming year. 123 more words

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Don't Believe Me!

Everyone knows my position on the influenza vaccination – get it! The biggest reason I hear that people won’t get the shot is because they get the flu after the shot – mostly blaming the shot itself. 464 more words

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