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Secrets revealed about TES6

It’s officially out there and so far all you know is that it’s a big area of land, a bit of sea and we’re all excited for a titlescreen. 873 more words


[Games] Thoughts On: E3 2018 (This Is Why I Need A Job)

After a full month, I’m finally putting this shit to it’s intended use. Yahoo.

Another year, another big-companies-show-a-bunch-of-trailers-and-call-it-a-conferenc- I mean, E3! It’s my second year fully immersing myself in the showcases and neglecting any and all schoolwork in doing so, and I think this one was a lot better than last time. 3,845 more words


RiverCityGamers Podcast: 6-19-2018

It’s the E3 podcast! SCXCR, WellUnreal007, Blondeguygamer and CanadianJutsu laughed, cried, hated EA, and saw a lot of video games. That and more on this edition of the RvierCityGamers Podcast! 58 more words


E3 2018 Prediction Results

E3 2018 is unfortunately over but it certainly did not disappoint with what it gave us. Several weeks ago I made 5 predictions for each of the publisher conferences and now its time to see how many I got right. 475 more words


Fallout 76 Beta Coming to Xbox One First

You’ll be able to tinker with Fallout 76 first on the Xbox One. 175 more words

Xbox One

Some Big Gaming Conference Just Happened

Anyone who follows gaming new, even in the slightest capacity, knows that this huge gaming news conference called E3 just happened. Of course, I missed some stuff, or simply didn’t pay attention to things I wasn’t interested in the slightest. 1,078 more words


Thoughts on Quake Champions

Quake Champions first came on my radar around this time last year when it was announced at E3 2017. It was shown off a bit again this year during the Bethesda conference, but being an Early Access game in beta it’s not quite done yet. 575 more words