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Tales of a Wasteland Mercenary: Part 6

Chapter Six: The Great Escape

Lisbeth remained in her cell for a couple days. Well, she just assumed it was a couple days because there was zero sunlight wherever she was. 3,437 more words


Inside labs working on a universal flu vaccine

ABC News’ David Kerley goes inside the National Institute of Health headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, where scientists are working to create a universal vaccine against the influenza virus.


Year of the RPG: Skyrim

Two games in to the Year of the RPG, and we’re taking on another “best game ever”: Skyrim, developed by Bethesda and published in 2011 as the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series. 908 more words

Video Games

Fallout 4 - Quickly Losing Interest

I am very late to the Fallout 4 bandwagon. The hype for this game is long gone, but here I am picking it up not knowing what to expect. 378 more words


Eating with Leaders

The smell of frying bacon teased our taste buds as we entered the large hall for a leadership breakfast. It was a pole barn type structure in a rural industrial area, the home of one of Belgian’s small evangelical churches. 395 more words


Panic Button Games-Teases More Games for the Nintendo Switch

Panic Button have quickly become a fairly well-known name for anyone who closely follows the schedule as much the increasing library of games for the Nintendo Switch. 250 more words


February Bikabout

I expected to wake up sore and tired after yesterday’s combo of long bike ride, weight lifting, and physical therapy. Nope. I felt fine. So after breakfast I dropped off the car at a mechanic and walked two miles back home. 331 more words