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According to Beth: Nail Polish

I love nail polish!  You wil rarely see me without it, and my signature color is red.  I’ve been known to wear a light pink in the summer, and I have a pretty nude color, but I always return to red, then Ashley and my husband breathe a sigh of relief that all is well in the world again.   108 more words


According to Beth: Foundation

Foundation… I wish I had something clever to say about it.  I need it, I don’t love it, and I look better with it than without.   168 more words


According to Beth: Spring Shoes

It is officially spring and even though there is still snow on the ground, I’m talking about spring shoes.

I’ve shown you the Vince sneakers before, I still love them.   217 more words


According to Beth: Outfit of the Day

This is one of my favorite outfits.  Casual but not sloppy, kind of cool and very comfortable. I can wear this to run errands, lunch with a friend and the mall.   95 more words


According to Beth: All Time Favorite Lipstick

Hello fellow lipstick fans.  I have several lipsticks, and they are all about the same color.  When I shop for a new one I always think I’ve stepped out of my box and picked a new fabulous color, then I get home and it’s about the same as everything else I have.   198 more words


According to Beth: The Everyday Bag

For my everyday bag I like one that fits nicely on my shoulder, holds all my stuff and some extra things, works with my gym clothes, I wear them almost every day so this is a must, and everything else I wear during the day. 171 more words


According to Beth: Mascara

Mascara!  It’s one of my favorite products.  I rarely leave Sephora without a new one and I rarely buy the same brand twice; maybe a new brand will make my lashes look longer and more fabulous.   202 more words