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shatter my dreams.

Asleep with no defense. My thoughts crawl like vines, strangling the hope I built through the day.

The hidden trauma pushed to the surface; guerilla warfare while awake. 88 more words

Betrayal of the Founding Stock

Today at work we had a quarterly meeting that goes through the business side of what we do. They talk about revenue and how they are growing globally. 604 more words

Johnny Turns a Trick

Johnny Turns a Trick

McCain just got a medal from Joe—
Then let all of his windy words blow
Through the air of convention.
I shall pay no attention. 18 more words

"Jasper Jones" by Rachel Perkins (Australia, 2017)

Interesting representation of teenagers rejecting the crooked ways of the significant adults around them.
NOTICED (SPOILER): One mother betrays her husband. Another one destroys evidence to protect hers.
47 more words


Update: Handcuffs

Last year I published a book called Handcuffs which is a short story dealing with heartbreak, lust, politics, betrayal, and redemption. Because it is my first book, the layout may be rough, but the story is still good. 57 more words

Every Thing


A/N: The flashback continues….

Dennis called on him time and again after that night. What’d started out as just a drunk, brief one night stand soon blossomed into a full fledged love affair between an infatuated Ben and the young law student. 1,508 more words