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First blog post- Introducing myself and my Story.

Hello, I’m new to this Website.

I am writing an original story, and want to gather some more attention for it before I try my hand at publishing it. 221 more words

Chapter 1: Child of Wind- "The Breeze carries the Seeds away"

“It’s almost time,” a teenage boy said. He wore a white silk cloak with golden trim. He reached his hand out towards the star filled night-sky. 2,742 more words

wild ones.


hearts beating

hands trembling

cries screaming

lies pouring.

feet running

eyes blinding

fingers freezing

truth fading.

miles away

lies ahead

truth gone

pretentious love.


Messy Buns And Hot Chocolate


Chemistry can make or break a show – in Betrayal, it’s everything, and deployed to sublime effect.

It’s a tale as old as time – three people, established friends and lovers, outwardly in happy, committed relationships, finally forced to confront their lack of fidelity to their partners and each other. 337 more words


This is why we will never again be together

It pains me to have to write this. But write, I must. Because while I can, I have to put down the reasons why I can’t love you anymore. 315 more words

because its how i feel

thick wind has come back
I’m under attack
take my heart back
black thunder
rips across the land

the sky’s dry
frying like I… 68 more words


The hardest of times

I would be lying if I said the last few weeks have been good because they have been the hardest of times. It started with me having a major wobble. 1,128 more words