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This is the power of shame

My truth, my self, my heart, my humanity is unworthy of being shared with others. What you tell me you see, feel, think of me is not who I am. 439 more words


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I wrote this story regarding shame 30 days before the reveal of my secret keeping, lies, betrayal, and infidelity. The sexual part of my betrayal was over for nearly 12 months at this point. People saying adulters don't care unless they are caught are wrong. We care. We don't know how to make it right for the people we love. Pride says we have to do it alone. The criminalization of infidelity encourages more secret keeping. Criminalization behavior won't stop infidelities from happening but it does reinforce shame encouraging more hiding, trickle truth, and secret keeping.

MAGA or Bust: Trump signs $1.3 trillion Omnibus spending bill

Along with a lot of other folks, I was pretty disappointed that the Omnivorous Bill was signed by President Trump, but now that I have taken note that this bill only funds the government for 6 short months and that POTUS has stated that he will never sign another, I am thinking of it more like, “MAGA on Hold due to excessive swamp creature activity”. 619 more words



a firefly passes by me and i blink. the streetlight near me flickers every now and then, illuminating the dark street at this time of the night. 230 more words


Linger a while—thou art so fair!

She wants to reach out, pick up the phone and call,
talk some and remember, laugh, cry and share.
She wants to turn it all back and remember the little things… 462 more words


Jeremiah 20:10-13: Whispering

Jeremiah 20:10-13: Whispering 

Friday, March 23, 2018

On this Friday before Palm Sunday, we visit the first reading for today’s liturgy, and we reflect upon the difficulties of life when we believe our friends have betrayed us. 168 more words

put up a smile to make things worthwhile

i know people won’t care

as soon as they turn away from me

they’re keeping up a facade

just so i won’t leave.

i only exist to them when they need me.