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am I dreaming?

Where do people go

while they wait

for a passing dream?

does it stay dark

when you open your eyes

to the sound of a scream? 67 more words


Don't ask

Cheated on? Here’s a rule for your new life:

Don’t ask.

We forget that someone who has lied about really big things tells only sneaky, random truths.

54 more words
Moments Of Clarity

Beauty for Ashes: Christian Remarriage After Divorce

In a perfect church, everyone hears the gospel and believes at a young age.  In a perfect church, two people who profess Jesus Christ to be their Saviour and take marriage vows are… 1,540 more words

The Affair Story Retold

He is back from Rehab. It is somewhat uncomfortable, but not unsafe.

My daughter is happy and that is a ray of light in this awfully painful story. 286 more words

The Mystery Of The Birdbath

When I first moved here, I put a bird bath in my back yard.  It’s a heavy, solid concrete bird bath, consisting of a base and the top.  1,065 more words

A Wasted Life

I Found a Counselor, Now I Need to Recover from Her.

After I found Rob’s hooker list I knew I needed to talk to someone.  With tears pouring onto my keyboard and with thoughts of various ways to end my life bouncing around my skull, I began a computer search.  991 more words


Your Other Face

I look deeply, into your eye,
You know you’ve captured, attention my,
I lure you with, a friendly smile,
Most pleasant you’ve seen, in a while. 142 more words