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a betrayal with kisses – a Palm Sunday meditation

Jesus’ disciple, Judas Iscariot, betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver, then led an arrest mob, saying, “The one I kiss is the one you seek” (Matthew 26.48). 518 more words



Advanced warning: this post is going to be vague because I don’t have the energy to explain…. I’m ready to be done. I’m ready to leave it all, but I can’t, because my people love me, and I can’t do that to them. 355 more words

The Wheels of the Bus...

Being thrown under the bus by someone because they would rather save their own bacon and not be accountable for any of the retarded decisions they have made… demonstrates a serious lack of integrity. 409 more words



Hi Everyone,

I want to talk a little about friendship.. Now many of us meet new people almost every day and sometimes we may click with each other and sometimes we just may not. 549 more words

Am Writing

Mind Right

The journey through life’s pathway
Long endured pursuit for happiness
Success linger, like its placed on delay
The night will seem too short
Only time you don’t have to be restless… 164 more words



“I said, ‘dont they ever get tired’?”
“Don’t what ever get tired?”
“Your arms.Don’t they ever get tired pushing me away?”



Oh, dearest friend how have you betrayed me?

How was it that you fell from grace and became displaced

Within the world that you crafted into place?

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