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The Road to Emmaus

Rev Deborah preached this sermon on Sunday 30 April.

Cleopas and his friend are leaving Jerusalem. It is late afternoon and the worst of the afternoon’s heat is just beginning to subside. 691 more words

Her answer

It was him again.

The strong gaze, and that inviting smirk.

But it’s different now.

It was him again.

The deep chuckle, and that nectarous kiss. 54 more words



​One and the same. All of us. We’re all the same. We all bleed the same red blood, cry the same wet tears, even breathe the same air. 242 more words

Day 2: Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Many say truth hurts. I used to say, no it doesn’t but it liberates someone. But whatever it does to someone, one thing will remain constant – it can never be hidden. 325 more words


Just cumbersome

The other half is almost here.

I track it like a mad woman.  Every time I have the senseless urge to reach out to cry on someone’s shoulder, or to just talk begging to be heard, or maybe to just listen begging for human sound, instead I just track the package. 495 more words