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I went outside to see fireworks. Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, and some people are recklessly lighting fireworks just to have some fun. I honestly don’t mind. 451 more words




She just wanted to be loved

Thought that she was

Only later did she learn the truth

Like all things sold these days

Love also had an asterisk on it… 10 more words

Darkness-Anne Brewer-1996

Go care for him!
He’d rather die.
Would slip between your fingers like ice on a hot day.
Running down your arm, slipping onto the floor and sliding beneath the door. 87 more words


Answers To Adhere By #WritingFiction

“No! No!” Tyra let out a long wail. This can’t be happening, she told herself. Lightheaded as she is, she made a dashed out the door and down the corridor. 407 more words


Song; Promise or Comfort?

To promise is a comfort, but lies are told to fools.

So mind who you believe in, because people can be cruel.

In saying things they want you to hear, they think that you are had. 111 more words


Who says poly life is fun? Who says making new friends is gonna be fun? Who says everything will get better as time goes by? Who the fuck said all that. 1,741 more words

When Our Problems Meet God's Possibilities

As life takes an unexpected twist or turn, certain things don’t make sense.  A typical response to unfortunate events is to question God wondering, “why is this happening to me?”  When confronted with problems, struggles and worries, perhaps its time to consider these situations as an opportunity for God to meet us in the storms of life. 218 more words