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What Makes A Hero?

Everyone love a hero, right? But what makes a hero? I’m sure there are many different ways to define or describe a hero, but I believe a hero is someone who puts themselves out for someone else without any expectation of getting a “reward” whatever it might be. 216 more words

Lillian Duncan

Broken - (Original Poem)

This poem is what happens when I get really annoyed. I tend to work on the philosophy that if the raw emotion is there why not use it to your own advantage. 187 more words


End of The Line

Hit the end of the line

With an almighty thwack

Exhausted reaching

For stars

That shine with glittering vibrance

Only to scorch indelibly

Like 1000 volt shocks… 43 more words


An Open Message to My Fake Friend(s)

(This message is for more than one person because similar situations have happened multiple times to me)

I look at you and get sick.

I become violently ill… 315 more words


How to forgive someone

On this talk show:  How to forgive…plus, how to redefine your role when kids are grown…plus, how to communicate forgiveness to someone who has hurt you… 28 more words


Beyond Words

Dear Human,

I’m so enraged it is difficult to put paw to paper. As you know, I am normally quite eloquent but this situation has rendered me nearly speechless. 175 more words


I'll never forget you..

We all have that I’ll never forget you kind of person in our lives at some point..

It always feels like when you meet these people as if your friendship or relationship will last forever.. 727 more words