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Baby Mama

I find it discriminating when being called his baby mama. I do have a child with him. And honestly speaking He and I built a family first. 76 more words

Must document

Wow…where to start…?
Earlier today I asked him if having babies would be something he thought of since we started seeing one another.
He froze…confessed that this weekend was all he thought about….having babies with me. 541 more words



I am so mad. My Instagram got deleted! I literally posted yesterday that I didn’t want to be reported and I guess it’s three strikes your out!! 95 more words



I felt so lonely today. These strange bouts will just hit me out of nowhere and I feel sad, lonely, and betrayed. Finals are upon me, and the herd thins each semester as the weak fall behind and are expelled. 795 more words


How to let go

This post is not about advice, it’s in search of advice. I’ve googled this most of today and have read numerous articles. They all say about the same thing but I want to hear from someone who HAS let go and what they have done in order to get where they are. 738 more words

What IS Love?

I’ve always thought I knew what love was. I still think I do. I read a blog saying it’s not a feeling of being “in love” it’s much more. 786 more words

Love & it's council of ministers..

Love can’t stay far

Nor near will be found love

Love has its own throne


Love has its own council of ministers


But is this council loyal to love? 59 more words