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It was wrapped delicately in a box, a map and key tucked inside along with it. My heart was precious and beautiful when I gave it to you. 33 more words

(Telltale) Heart

Listen, how it betrays you,
Betrays your secret:
Every beat is a defiance,
Saying it won’t keep it.

It tells your every tale
In a beat that’s so loud… 55 more words



You are my cactus. I want to take care of you and watch you grow. I want to love you and show you how I feel. 392 more words



I love how I am filling out a form online and the “Is this really you?” bit asks me to verify a city I am currently or formerly associated with. 65 more words


The Heart of Man Movie

A well-made, beautifully cinematic and heart-felt movie that you may or may not have heard about concerning sexual addiction was released this past September called, … 351 more words


Apparently, I’m a drug addict. That was basically what I got from the meeting with my doctor today. He basically told me that the issues I was having was because of my use of these “drug pills”. 276 more words



Fury coursed his veins, swelling… pulsing, pumping…
Demons of rage dug into him making him bleed contempt.
Resentment unyieldingly and savagely devoured his sleep.
He clenched his fists, daring anyone to come his way. 119 more words