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Once again, the Kurds are betrayed


For a while, the Kurds in Iraq and Syria were useful to the West. They were prepared to do what intervening, rhetorically grandstanding Western states were unable to do – fight the Islamic State (IS). 1,121 more words

Daily News

Maybe Someday...

It’s weird. Wanting to say something, but you cant put it into words, so you decide to extend it into something more than it actually is. 592 more words


“‘WomenBetrayed’ campaign calls for people to demand their states investigate, prosecute, and defund Planned Parenthood.”

Mass anti-abortion protests across the US are taking place, rallying behind the slogan “Women Betrayed”, claiming that Planned Parenthood has been betraying all women with startling graphics such as: 1,275 more words

Shattered Illusions

A gentle breeze filled the air, frozen trees groaning with protest as the heavy snow shook on their branches, some giving in to the weight and snapping under the pressure. 2,005 more words

Evelina McGee

Beacon Days from Abuse Long Past

There are days that stand out as becons, their rays of emotional turmoil showing themselves on quiet, dark moments.

They no longer appear as often in my mind, thankfully. 323 more words

History and a New Vow to Monogamy

There’s a therapist who said, (sorry I can’t find the link) something about how history begs us to remember that serial cheaters like my husband aren’t likely to all of a sudden be able to keep true to a vow of monogamy. 412 more words

To Stay Or To Go

Republican "All Lives Don't Matter" Party

As evidence, I present, Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression. I rest my case. Donald Trump struck Texas Tea and Black Gold when he betrayed Republicans by speaking publicly what Republicans only said in private, behind closed doors, and under the radar about Hispanic immigrants. 280 more words

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