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What was he thinking?

It amazed me that an  educated, married, smart, career minded, family man would stoop to such a low. The mindset of manipulating the dept. What the heck, he did all the investigations for inappropriate behavior as a detective for his dept. 129 more words

Share these, don't share those, why not these..emailing~ emailing~ emailing....


the  PD dept is on to them and wants to see his emails, 70 cell phone calls I guess has them suspicious? Here does a career, he still thought he would be ok. 888 more words

Would it have made a difference?

My partner put in an email today “She’s a horrible, piece of crap that I wish I never, ever, ever, ever met.” Yes this is a true statement, she is a horrible piece of crap. 444 more words

my terms


i will not relinquish


which you desire.

i will never submit

the depths of my heart


my mind


most of all - 39 more words


Girl in the city...

She moved recently to a new place. She was scared, she was excited too. It was a mixed up feeling. She met people, talked, made friends, enjoyed, trusted, and one day…she broke, she was abandoned by everyone around. 214 more words

Easter Day 2/10: Jesus Betrayed


Deal is struck: Matthew: 26:14-16

Jesus foresees the betrayal: Matthew 26:20

Betrayal: Matthew 26:46-56


Jusdas was one of Jesus’ close friends, one of the 12 chosen disciples. 134 more words

The Three Trees

Once there were three trees on a hill in the woods. They were discussing their hopes and dreams when the first tree said, ‘Someday I hope to be a treasure chest. 922 more words