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Breaking Bad Retrospective: Más

Up until this point in Breaking Bad‘s third season, much of the episodes have been slow-burning, much different from the adrenaline-pumping storylines that fans of the show have probably gotten used to. 1,437 more words

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Breaking Bad Retrospective: Green Light

Since the beginning of Breaking Bad‘s third season, things have been getting less and less interesting. I thought the previous episode, “I. F. T.”, would have signaled a coming for far more intriguing television. 1,392 more words

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Masters of Sex is a show that I really liked in its first season, but in its second I found myself kind of bored with it, and hence less and less inclined to watch the new episodes piling up on the DVR. 685 more words


Breaking Bad Retrospective: I. F. T.

In my honest opinion, Breaking Bad had already gotten off to slow start with it’s third season. “I. F. T.” takes it down a notch even further, especially when compared to what “No Mas” and “Caballo Sin Nombre” already offered the audience. 1,714 more words

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Breaking Bad Retrospective: Caballo Sin Nombre

Well, it looks like the third season of Breaking Bad is going to take a little while to get going. Much in the same vein as the previous installment, “No Mas”, “Caballo Sin Nombre” keeps the status quo for the most part. 1,660 more words

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Breaking Bad Retrospective: No Mas

The conclusion of Breaking Bad‘s second season left a lot of situations burning a little bit. From Walt and Skyler’s potential break-up to Jesse’s guilt-inspired rehabilitation, there was a lot of things to continue on from. 1,043 more words

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Breaking Bad Retrospective: ABQ

The high-powered events of “Mandala” and “Phoenix” had me prepped for an epic season finale for Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, “ABQ” sort of underwhelmed, especially when compared to this show’s previous two outings. 1,316 more words

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