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Accountability - Part 2 - Chapter 6


I never saw Karen at the Capital Limited Re-education Center after that morning. It was like she had completely disappeared. They replaced her with another mentor who wore the same pink dress and had the same sickly sweet smile. 6,458 more words


Indiana Privatizes Education: Daniels, Pence, DeVos, Bush, and a Red-State Tea Party Tide

In his fine book, the One Percent Solution, economist Gordon Lafer describes Indiana—a state that became all-Red as its House of Representatives turned Republican in the 2010 Tea Party wave—as “one of the models of corporate-backed education reform.” 958 more words

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Betsy DeVos: The Second of Her Two Top Accomplishments This Year

Yesterday this blog explored Betsy DeVos’s greatest accomplishment during her first year as U.S. Secretary of Education. DeVos did not invent school choice, and certainly school privatization had been underway through vouchers and the proliferation of charter schools before she was appointed. 1,371 more words

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I Love You but You Didn't Do the Reading

The deep freeze hasn’t slowed down the pundits. Here are a few ILYBYGTH-themed stories that crossed our desk this week:

What’s wrong with being polite? It might be coded white supremacy— 160 more words


Education: Not Just For Jobs

This post includes examples that are specific to Georgia. I suspect
that circumstances in other states are similar.

In the past 20 or so years, I’ve seen two themes predominating in conversations, studies, and opinion pieces about education: … 1,668 more words


Accountability - Part 2 - Chapter 5

I am sorry that I took a break from continuing the Accountability saga over the holidays, but it is back for your enjoyment. Also if you are enjoying this story, check out my other book,  5,556 more words