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A Flag Day Doodle

Elizabeth “Betsy” Ross did not have a fancy sewing machine.  In fact, she didn’t even have a simple treadle machine because the first American sewing machine was not invented until 1846.  372 more words

Flag Day

National Flag Day is celebrated annually in the United States on June 14.  This day commemorates the adoption of the United States flag on June 14, 1777. 124 more words


Celebrating “Old Glory”

The older I grow, the more I love patriotic holidays. Lucky for me, today, June 14th, the country has double the celebration because it’s the U.S. 463 more words


Flag Day!

Today we celebrate Flag Day. On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress officially adopted the “stars and stripes” as the American flag.

Flag Facts:

Flag Day was not regularly celebrated until President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress on August 3, 1949, designating June 14 as National Flag Day. 123 more words

Special Days

Grand Old Flag

It’s almost Flag Day folks! I’m gettin’ my stars and stripes on this Thursday, June 14, and you know why?
Because it’s also Granny’s Preschool day and I couldn’t think of another topic. 665 more words

Where Did We Go Wrong?

A realtor friend sent me a copy of The Flag Code and a reference to The VFW website, where I accessed something titled: CRS Report for Congress (order code RL 30243) 307 more words

Constitution Of The United States

Celebrate Our Unsung Heroes

In case you weren’t aware, March was Women’s History Month. Celebrating the contributions of women to history, though, needn’t be limited to a single month. 264 more words

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