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Sleepy Hollow: "The Sisters Mills"

Sleepy Hollow definitely learned something from season two. One of those likely being that it can’t go wrong with Jenny and Abbie.  “The Sisters Mills” does what more episodes should in giving Abbie and Jenny the opportunity to really shine together. 943 more words


Sleepy Hollow: "Whispers In the Dark"

Pandora reminds me quite a bit of a 90s era villainess, one who wouldnt’ be out of place on Xena or Beastmaster (both shows I used to watch waay too much of). 1,161 more words


Sleepy Hollow: "I, Witness"

I will begin this review by saying I reserve the right to, at any time, stop watching and reviewing Sleepy Hollow. I had no plans of adding it to the roster (or my schedule) this season, but look what happened. 1,173 more words