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Betsy Ross 5-Pointed Star origami activity via @edemaine. #mathchat #artsed

The Museum of Mathematics (@MoMath1) in New York City offers wonderful programs (including many free options!) for children, families, teachers, and math aficionados. A colleague of mine, Alé Cozzi, introduced me to… 171 more words

United States of America

This post is a combination of four posts that we like to call “The American Flag Suite.” You can read each post individually by following these links: … 3,058 more words

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Notes from: Lies my Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen - Chapter 1

The following entry constitutes my notes and thoughts as I read:

Lies my Teacher Told Me. Everything your American History Teacher got Wrong.
by James W. 833 more words

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Get Their Quotes Attributed Correctly

If you are a woman who sometimes speaks up in group settings, especially when men are present, you will, at least once in your life, get a card/magnet/keychain warning you that “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” 611 more words


The myth and legend of Betsy Ross

There are certain facts and stories about historical figures that Americans have grown up with: George Washington cutting down his father’s cherry tree, Albert Einstein flunking math, Ben Franklin flying a kite during a thunderstorm.  922 more words

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Sleepy Hollow : One Life

In the last episode of Sleepy Hollow, Pandora unleashed her evil boyfriend from Hell or  limbo or whatever, and Abbie sacrificed herself, saving Jenny’s life by going through  the a portal to close it and  taking a much needed artifact with her. 679 more words

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America's first "Stars and Stripes"

The first stars and stripes variant of the U.S. flag was approved on June 14 when the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution of 1777. 654 more words

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