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Orígenes gráficos: ¿Cuál fué la primera bandera de los Estados Unidos?

El día de hoy por la mañana, leía una nota donde se incluía un pequeño párrafo que hablaba sobre el origen gráfico de la bandera de los Estados Unidos y al ver el nombre de la persona a la que se le atribuía; levantó en mí la duda y me propuse hacer una investigación rápida sobre el tema. 791 more words

Winners Of Storytellers Contest Share Their Tales In Old City

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Winners of the “Once Upon A Nation Future Storytellers Contest” took to the storytelling benches in Old City this weekend. 177 more words


The Shaw Cupbearers, 13 Stars & Stripes and the Ross Connections

The Lady Patriot-Shaw-6

This document is very significant, the only lady ever proven to make an identified period 13 Stars and Stripes is Lucretia Shaw. She sacrificed the safety of her life to help the wounded and sick American prisoners, exchanged in New London. 539 more words

Betsy don't play that!

That’s the American spirit, Ms. Ross! Fuck the loom, just kick back in your rocker and suck down a cigarette in sheer disgust at the amount of time you wasted on that befouled hemorrhoid ring your accursed husband demanded for dessert. 101 more words

Vintage Food

heavens to Betsy

This mild exclamation of surprise is an old expression, one I haven’t heard years.

The earliest use of it found in print is from the US journal Ballou’s dollar monthly magazine, January 1857. 273 more words

Phrase Sources

Little Things Can Change the World

We return to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a very important stop! On the last stage of our virtual tour we remembered the pivotal battle at Trenton, New Jersey. 1,075 more words