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Sleepy Hollow : One Life

In the last episode of Sleepy Hollow, Pandora unleashed her evil boyfriend from Hell or  limbo or whatever, and Abbie sacrificed herself, saving Jenny’s life by going through  the a portal to close it and  taking a much needed artifact with her. 679 more words

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America's first "Stars and Stripes"

The first stars and stripes variant of the U.S. flag was approved on June 14 when the Second Continental Congress approved the Flag Resolution of 1777. 625 more words

American Flags

America's first flag

The flag of the United States was created during a turbulent time in the country’s history. Combined with the fact that it’s meant to evolve with time, the U.S.

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American Flags

That'll Do, Betsy

Well ladies and gents, it has been done. Ole Betsy Ross has officially made her first piece of fabric joy. This skirt was actually finished a few days ago, but I didn’t have much time to post about it with the beginning of the new semester and whatnot. 117 more words

Attack of the DOLLS

I’ve been on a bit of a doll binge.

On Monday, my friend, Mike Schlitt, asked me if I would make a Thomas Jefferson and John Adams doll for a show he’s doing. 250 more words

Betsy Ross and the Making of America

I just finished reading Marla Miller’s biography Betsy Ross and the Making of America and am truly disappointed by the experience. I was excited to read the book when I bought it during the Seminar on the American Revolution at Fort Ticonderoga last fall but ended up having a hard time finishing it. 216 more words

American Revolution


January 1st in history:

On New Year’s Day of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves that were living in Confederate states. 100 more words

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