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A Penny Saved ... (in Philly)

Happy New Year! Okay, so I didn’t really save any pennies (or any money, for that matter) during my trip, but apparently it’s part of a famous Ben Franklin saying. 618 more words



January 1st in history:

On New Year’s Day of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves that were living in Confederate states. 100 more words

Today In History

Unearthed 1796 Time Capsule With Shocking Items

Just dug up after being buried for 220 years under a Boston court house, the copper box revealed 10 of its most amazing historic contents: 114 more words

Present Tense - #9

This is the moment when we were still happy.

We were in Malaga, Spain, at the Alcazaba, which is essentially a fortified palace built in the eleventh century, and then modified for several successive centuries. 2,020 more words


Trending Now: The American Flag, The National Anthem, and shouting, "USA, USA"!

Since when did being a proud American suddenly become intimidating?

The educational system is all abuzz after some American youths at a Michigan high school football game decided to shout “USA, USA, USA’, while flying both a Trump and Betsy Ross flag in defiance of their opposition. 194 more words


"That Ragged Old Flag"

In 1974, Johnny Cash released an album that included “That Raggedy Old Flag.” It is a spoken word tribute to the flag of the United States, and it speaks of patriotism and how our flag has led us in battles and wars. 282 more words