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Bette, My Sweet Pea

Today is National Dog Day and so I decided to write a poem about a dog I once had. I could have written a poem about my current dog, but I’ve already written several about him, such has… 307 more words


Debbie Wolenberg: On Jon the researcher

Jon was an intellectually curious person.  He loved researching information for work as well as for his family.  He had a propensity for details and a fantastic memory. 130 more words


Bette - #196

Bette – The process in which we linger at the window of a shop wondering what the perfect gift for an occasion is, how our finger traces the glass and finally lands on that which wholeheartedly reciprocates what your heart means to say in it’s rhythmically amorous language. 17 more words


Jon: On Ode to Bette

Bette Hair – someone I considered to be a sort of grandmother – ran the in-home daycare I attended. When Bette retired, Daddy wrote a poem to celebrate the wonderful, loving person she was. 317 more words

By Jon

Working in the summer break home at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Greetings! My name is Bette. My husband Mike and I have recently moved to South Dakota to work as houseparents for St. Joseph’s Indian School. It has been a joy working… 574 more words

South Dakota

Let’s Talk Thursday: Introducing Bette

Hello Awesome Visitors! As you may have heard, a new anthology from All Authors is coming soon. I just found out yesterday that the release date is July 14th! 819 more words

Let's Talk Thursday

Pretend Cats and Real Fights

My children are having the verbal version of a cat fight.  Literally.  They are hissing and yowling and making generally feline-ish noises of wrath.  They are doing this because they were in a race to see who, as a pretend cat, could drink their pretend chocolate milk that I served them in pretend chocolate bowls the fastest.  311 more words