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Chloe Grace Moretz - Out here in Westminster with Hillary today! California bette...

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Jam Session, cheap booze and Broken Promises

Last Sunday’s Jam was the third biggest turn out of musos we have ever had. Props to Rod and Bette back on a brief trip from some sweaty dive north of Borneo) for dragging so many through the door, and sorry you had to shout all afternoon to maintain the constant banter to which you are accustomed. 428 more words

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Cinema's Forgotten Legends Series: Claude Rains

The next cinematically artistic individual that I’m paying a genuine homage to is someone whom have delivered memorable, indelible, magnificent, captivating and awe-inspiring performances on the stage/silver screen; his classic films have become a picturesque fixture in the classic film world and yet he’s not remembered as often as he should be, especially with the rising of familiar faces from the Golden Age of Hollywood like Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant and many others. 1,125 more words

Cinema's Forgotten Legends Series

The Red Queen

The highlight of Elsabeth’s day was her final visit with the Red Queen, a mottled black and orange feline who was a master hunter, a highly intelligent and cunning creature and neither domesticated nor feral. 605 more words

Wishful Fiction

The First Wives Club

Released September 20, 1996

First of all, GASPING because when Bette Midler is confronting Goldie Hawn over her “work” in the trailer, Bette says, “Did you get just a little done, or the full IVANA?” and in the movie, that line is ED-I-TED to say “…or the full ENCHILADA?” Was there a SCANDAL where Ivana refused to allow them to use her cameo or her “signature” tag line (which is plastered on the movie poster—”Don’t get mad: get everything”) if they didn’t change the line?!? 977 more words


The Divine Miss f*cking fabulous M

We received a DVD today here at Diane HQ – do some of you remember DVDs, friends of the cassette or VHS video cassette…. the DVD was Diva Las Vegas by the one and ONLY, Miss Bette Midler. 331 more words