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A Visitor Will Find - a poem by Kate Rauner

Welcome Comet Lovejoy
To our northern sky.
Constellations frame your path,
Through Rabbit, Maiden, Bull you fly.
When last you journeyed near the Sun
We humans on the ground… 145 more words


Gandhi's Better Angels: A Vision for a Non-Violent Future

Gandhi’s Better Angels: A Vision for a Non-Violent Future

Maxwell Cooper, University of Ottawa (Canada) (International Gandhian Conference, Delhi University, Delhi, India; January 2013) 

Amongst the scores of letters he attended to every day, Mahatma Gandhi responded to one V.N.S. 3,366 more words


Too much morality?

Imran Ibn Mansur’s two most recent videos on the subject of Atheist morality (discussed at length here and here) have stirred up some discussion. It’s difficult to tell how much what he’s saying Imran takes seriously and how much of it just controversy for the sake of generating attention to fuel his own ego. 1,318 more words


Choosing the Better Angels of our Nature (This article is NOT about corruption in Swaziland)

Mbabane, Swaziland | 1 October 2014
Bill Snaddon

The trouble with political jargon is that the more certain words are used, the less they mean. Political speech of any nature, for that matter, should always be viewed with caution. 548 more words

A Call to Serve

As populations around the world consider the 70th anniversary of D-Day, I hope you will have the privilege of enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and some cookies with someone who will share an authentic story that encourages you to serve the better angels of your nature. 272 more words

What is your QUALITY OF LIFE really about?

Four of us were on our way to a CRS team leaders training (http://www.communityrenewalsociety.org/) to prepare for the annual trip to Springfield, IL where we lobby for bills that are being targeted that year.  919 more words