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Ban It! - Nick Martucci

Birth control? BAN IT!

Abortion? BAN IT!

Gay marriage? BAN IT!

Guns? Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them.


"Visceral disgust" at #allisonbechtel "Fun Home" prob involves the brain's insula - Insula and Disgust

The disgust emotion is elicited by a variety of stimuli ranging from rotten food to immoral persons. When we encounter such disgusting stimuli, whether they are physical or social, we commonly experience rejection responses by the body such as nausea and revolt. 160 more words


cultural cognition project - home

The Cultural Cognition Project is a group of scholars interested in studying how cultural values shape public risk perceptions and related policy beliefs. Cultural cognition refers to the tendency of individuals to conform their beliefs about disputed matters of fact (e.g., whether global warming is a serious threat; whether the death penalty deters murder; whether gun control makes society more safe or less) to values that define their cultural identities. 80 more words


What a concept! - House Dems: Read intel on Iran deal

“The agreement provides constant monitoring of Iran’s known nuclear facilities throughout the entire chain of development, from the uranium mines to its centrifuges,” the ten Democrats wrote Thursday. 49 more words


MUST SEE: "Better Angels: A Parable"

Masterfully written by Andrea Scott and directed by Nigel Shawn Williams, “Better Angels: A parable” is the must see play of The Summerworks Theatre Festival currently taking place in Toronto… 178 more words