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Rachel Dolezal and the History of Passing for Black - The Atlantic

Anytime you’re talking about the cultural domain, it certainly can be advantageous to pass as black. In many ways, particularly when you’re talking about the discourse around authenticity in jazz, the most authentic jazz players had to be black. 66 more words

Better Angels

What's up? This guy seems so rational! - Reuven Rivlin has proven that he is president of the real Israel - Haaretz

Did Pope Francis become Israeli president while I wasn’t looking? Rivlin seems so rational.

“Whether we like it or not the makeup of the stakeholders of Israeli Society and the state of Israel is changing before our eyes.” 137 more words


Excerpts from Dr. Robert Sapolsky's lecture about Biological Underpinnings of Religiosity

YOUNG neuroscientist Dr. Robert Sapolsky makes connection between the symptoms of “schizotypalism” and the “metamagical backbone of religious theology”. He also describes the parallelism between what we call “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” and the ritualism of mainstream orthodox religion. 13 more words


And now a word for our Heroes

Memorial Day is a fine commemoration.  Setting aside a day to recall the sacrifice made by ancestors, friends and neighbors whose willingness to fight on our behalf and suffer for the effort allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labors in relative peace. 174 more words