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The Look of Love Is in the Dog’s Eyes

Those big brown eyes gaze at you, deeply. Your heart leaps. You caress, murmuring sweet nothings. And as those big browns remain fixed on you, the tail wags. 33 more words


How we learned that rats can laugh.

University of Chicago professor Peggy Mason has shown that rat behavior tend toward good Samaritanism.  But Washington State University prof Jaak Panksepp and his lab mates were probably the first to prove that the little critters and giggle.


How Creating Comics Can Make Doctors better - 60 Seconds With Comic Nurse MK Czerwiec

MK Czerweic is a real nurse, teacher, entrepreneur and comics creator.  In this vid she tells us how creating comics can make doctors better.

Better Angels

NRA Bans ‘Operational’ Guns At NRA Convention For Security Reasons

You CAN”T make this stuff up!

If you would believe the logic the NRA has used to justify guns everywhere from inside capitol buildings to bars to schools, more guns equal more safety. 150 more words


Welcome to #Indiana

I don’t think badly of the many Hoosiers who are (IMHO) freaked out by the mind-blowing speed with which traditional views of gays, and a whole lot else, is changing.   53 more words

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Fmr. Okla. Student Apologizes for Racist Chant

For what its worth I completely accept his apology and TOTALLY forgive him. I would think it absolutely unfair for people to judge me based on the stupidest thing I ever did.

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Better Angels

Biracial Beauty Queen Called "Not Japanese Enough"

Tokyo (CNN)A biracial beauty queen in Japan is facing criticism for not being Japanese enough.

Half-Japanese and half African-American, Miss Nagasaki Ariana Miyamoto is the first-ever mixed-race… 83 more words