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Diversity our strength?

That’s the official motto of Toronto.  “Diversity our Strength”. 

We love to brag about our it.  The whole world, on our doorstep.  You can see it wherever you go.  211 more words

Random Rants

Wards To Watch -- Surprise Edition

There’s a dust up brewing over in Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth where Jane Farrow, the Jane Farrow, former CBC media type, former Executive Director of Jane’s (the other Jane) Walk, former Executive Assistant to Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon and just generally fabulous left of center Jane Farrow registered to run against the incumbent, Paula Fletcher, a well-established, long time left of center councillor who barely squeaked out a victory in 2010 over media celebrity, notably not left of center and back for another run at it, Liz West. 827 more words


A Blast From The Past

(As the 2014 mayoral debate season begins to pick up steam, and the inevitable discussion about which candidates to include and which ones to ignore, we were reminded of an event from back in 2 ought 10 during a quick conversation with Dave Meslin earlier this week. 1,202 more words


On Activism And The World We Live In

The great thing about doing the thing I do, and yes, this is me doing something, aside from getting to trade barbs with former Harris government knobs, … 866 more words


Joyce Murray: A catalyst for cooperation

Something interesting is happening. In a political culture dominated by fierce partisanship, a growing number of people are talking about cooperation.

During last year’s NDP leadership race, … 378 more words

I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

Beyond band-aids • A primer on voting reform in Canada

I just returned from the polling station, and proudly placed my ballot into a cardboard box.  In six hours, votes will be counted across Canada and while the results are still up in the air we do know one thing:  the seat count will be greatly distorted and the collective voice of Canadians will be twisted into an almost random distribution of seats in Parliament. 1,721 more words

I Have Too Much Time On My Hands