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Want to write better? I can help!

By Caitlin Kelly

A few new things to share:

⇒  If you work in design or architecture, in or near New York City, I’m once more teaching a class I created that starts soon at the New York School of Interior Design,  Writing Skills for Designers. 411 more words


Blogs Need To Be Promoted And Here Are Some Great Ways To "Git-Er Dun!"

Editor’s Note: I believe in blog promotion myself but while I am promoting my own blog I intend to do a little promoting of other people’s blogs too because I have always believed that what goes around comes around. 178 more words

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Building Rapport through Blogging

You know you need to do it. Everyone tells you it’s not optional. The research overwhelming supports it’s effectiveness

“Sue, what are you trying to say?” 329 more words

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A Few Changes Coming

Casting my bread upon broader waters:

Now that I have gotten more comfortable in the business of blogging I have decided to expand my vision a little bit and try to offer a more interesting mix for my beloved reading audience. 359 more words

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There is a horrible trend called sockpuppeting going on amongst some published and self-published authors. Sockpuppeting, for those of you who may not know, is when someone posts positive reviews about their own works, businesses or products under a pseudonym (or false name) while posting negative reviews about others in an effort to make themselves look good or standout. 157 more words


The Blog in a testube

Fellow blogger,

Have you ever seen a blog that was made in a test tube?

What I mean is, it had all of the “right” elements…it had page rank, great SEO, a gazillion likes, and ….no sales. 203 more words

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Writing Is...

Writing is one of my favorite pass times. It truly is. I have a creative mind and a creative personality and writing is just one of the ways I like to express it. 35 more words