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The Sheltered Life

I grew up very sheltered. My siblings and I had no room for our own of anything. The way we dressed, styled our hair, spoke, ate, what friends we had, what we did after shool and the weekends, what we watched on tv, and everything else my mom controlled. 1,438 more words


71 Awesome Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful | Mostly Blogging

71 pieces of blogging advice. Tips to help new and veteran bloggers succeed at growing their blogs.

71 Awesome Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful… 153 more words


Business blogs that work

Guest post by Patrick M. Greene, an academic writer for Essay Twist

Gone are the days when customers triple just for putting up a couple of printed advertisements. 1,093 more words


5 Ways to stay Consistent in your Blogging Schedule (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Mliae A.

Founder & Owner of: Life Experiment Blog

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Travel Writer

We’ve all been there: One day you can’t stop the constant flow of blog ideas from bouncing around in your brain, and the next day … Crickets. 283 more words


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My post for Millionaire's Digest, ways to stay consistent in your blogging schedule. Enjoy!

Sharing this from another blogger - some inspiration and ideas to get us new bloggers going in 2017!

New year, new blog resolution? Yay! Keep your excitement high with resources and tools that’ll keep you publishing through 2017.

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I think we all hear about the “blogging community” when we first start blogging. What many of us assume is that people will figure out what exactly the blogging community truly is. 1,021 more words


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I had to share this great blogging post from www.aopinionatedman.com This is one of the blogs I follow daily and it is chock full of great advice from a standpoint based in reality. :) I think all of us need these reality checks every once in awhile... Thanks, J, for letting me share!

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If the title to this post is a bit of a head-scratcher, please allow me to explain. 295 more words