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Conversations of Race in the Workplace 

This morning I had a conversation with a colleague at work regarding my ancestry test I submitted. He’s White and as you know, I’m Black and of Native American descent. 195 more words


All About SEO on WordPress.com

We get a lot of questions about SEO here on WordPress.com, and no wonder — you work hard on your site and want to get the word out!  1,470 more words


Some Thoughts on Crazy-Making Blog Formats

Hi there :)

So. I’ve been on a blog reading binge this week. (More so than usual.) And I have a few suggestions. This is kind of a bitching post, but mainly I’m just trying to help….and save my own sanity. 735 more words


The journey begins!

Nihith sipping his hot cup of coffee.”Think twice before you get yourself into this. It is definitely not how I expected it to be. I just want to make sure that you don’t overburden yourself with such responsibilities.” 261 more words

Better Blogging

The pre-plan... 

As the guests leave, Shika leaps into the couch beside her dad, Prathap.
He asks the reason for her to reject such a great proposition. 241 more words

Better Blogging

How to address your audience

A lot of you do what I do for a living: you blog. And that means, you do a lot of writing.

Here’s a question new bloggers (and some seasoned ones) ask: 248 more words

Remembering WP Admin

WordPress.com site administration has moved little by little from the WP Admin dashboard to the new-ish Calypso dashboard since it’s introduction two years ago. There are still many features that are ultimately handled in the WP Admin dashboard, even if they start out in the Calypso dashboard. 389 more words

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