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Life is not a cake walk

As a child, you can not comprehend that those days were precious and that they would not be as so forever. It is not until you are really adulting that you can look back on those days and wish you cherished them more. 23 more words


Building My Brand

These days I have been contemplating what I want to do in lofe. I want to build a brand for myself. Well, about me. Everntually my social media will be up to par and will reflect who I am and what I am interested in. 34 more words


New job

I know it has been a while, I am sorry. I recently have started a new job and it has taken a lot more of my time. 42 more words


Better Blogging

Suggestions for Better Blogging
Point is that if we are blogging for ourselves then it doesn’t really matter!
Personally I feel it is about communicating and interacting just as much as the posting so when I follow I do read your posts, or most of them for those who post several a day. 210 more words

Daily Prompt

A Few Sites That Appreciate Being Reblogged.

Hi there!

When it comes to reblogging, we should never assume that all bloggers would like their work to be shared. Many do, of course, as its a great way to create awareness of ones blog. 298 more words


Independent Publisher 2 Is Here

The popular Independent Publisher design is a WordPress theme that has long been beloved for its simplicity and legibility. So we are happy to announce that it has been improved, ever so slightly, with the design talents of Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad. 1,232 more words


Change isn't bad

I need to make a change in my attitude. It can be really horrible sometimes. I allow it to determine how my day goes. One small thing can trigger it and it is a deterrence. 48 more words