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Put Happiness First

One thing we can agree on is that we all want to be happy, right? You might think so, but studies of people in every stage of life have shown that we virtually never put happiness first. 341 more words

4 Unusual Life Experiences That Make You A Better Job Candidate

Sometimes it’s the road less traveled that helps us figure out what type of career we want. But once the decision is made, how can you show your unconventional experiences translate to marketable job skills? 648 more words

Transitioning To Management

It’s time to make the move into a supervisory role.

The first thing that’s essential is to know why you want to apply for a management position. 891 more words

Job Search Advice

It's official... I'm unemployed!

6 months ago, I am very happy because I received a big break for my career. From being a link placement writer, I level up to SEO Specialist. 146 more words

Random Thoughts

Job interview

One of the more pleasant surprises to come my way recently was a little voicemail I received Friday evening after leaving work and the eternal dead-zone my phone sits in at Bethel Park. 181 more words

College Isn’t for Everyone…

Right off the bat this blog post likely seems to negate everything that my professional life is about. I am a professor, I am currently in school for my second master’s degree, and I will one day go ahead and get my PhD, as well. 323 more words


Three Words = Better Job, Big Raise by Bruce Kasanoff

A Linked In Re-blog authored by Bruce Kassanoff

Jobs are not a new invention. If you want a new – or better – one, try an obvious solution that most people ignore.  355 more words