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College Isn’t for Everyone…

Right off the bat this blog post likely seems to negate everything that my professional life is about. I am a professor, I am currently in school for my second master’s degree, and I will one day go ahead and get my PhD, as well. 323 more words


Three Words = Better Job, Big Raise by Bruce Kasanoff

A Linked In Re-blog authored by Bruce Kassanoff

Jobs are not a new invention. If you want a new – or better – one, try an obvious solution that most people ignore.  355 more words


Become a Career Manager

Your decisions about where to take your career can either be thrust upon you by others, or proactively managed and planned for. How often do you consider your career, how far you have come, where you would like to go next and who you would like to work for? 264 more words

Afraid Of Job Interviews? Please Share

A common fear is the dreaded job interview. While there’s a lot of help out there on how to overcome this fear, fear still paralyzes some people from even applying for better jobs than they have. 899 more words

Job Search Advice

Do you hate your job but want it to improve?

Are you someone who dreads going to work for various reasons? If so, you may be wondering how you can use the Law of Attraction to help you improve your work situation. 407 more words

Law Of Attraction

Am I still alive… I mean active?

Yes, I’m still alive

Active? Not at all

So before I continue this post, I want to make some things right. And I hope you all won’t mind. 275 more words

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Stories At Work

Ever since the first people sat around their campfires, we have told stories. People tell tales to explain events and to justify their actions. We see how one thing led to another, and wonder what might happen next. 194 more words