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The Benefits of Sweet, Slow Sundays: Quality Over Quantity

I like Monday.

I love the routine and schedule of a Monday. I love weekends, too; don’t get me wrong. I love the unstructured morning schedule of sleeping in, the fun we have, and the laidback-ness of it all, but I’m so schedule-oriented. 1,193 more words


Think and Live Better

The people should think. They will usually think about one thing or another from time to time. They should think and perceive, about what will make their life better. 151 more words

Personal Development

Moisture Boosting Products I Love.

My skin soaks up moisture like a 6 year old’s brain soaks up swear words. It’s always looking for that extra boost of hydration and apart from drinking plenty of water, I also like to make sure I have the products I need to keep my face and hair vibrant and non-parched. 413 more words


Distraction from God is extremely dangerous. 

If our life is a car , God should be in the driving seat , if not we miss opportunities , go to wrong places , wisdom less activities , stress associated works, all that and more bad happens when we drive or allow others to drive. 179 more words

Life Tips

The Movie - Paparazzi (2004) - by Paul Abascal.

Success is a double-edged sword, because, depending on the people you are dealing with, a dream of a better life can became an endless nightmare.


The Beauty in Delayed Gratification

This topic is honestly something I am truly very invested in. In other words, I have taken a lot of time in shifting from my previous need or desire for “instant gratification” into this new long-term appreciation and patience for “delayed gratification”. 1,121 more words