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7 Top Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

A couple of weeks back we got down and dirty with a garage sale of our very own. I think it was quite the success really with plenty of crap out of our lives and a wad of extra dosh in our pocket. 628 more words


Red-Letter-Day (April 23, 2017)

It’s a Red-Letter Day at Red Door Church.  RDC’s Sunday Service @ 10:30 am @ 1219 3rd St Salem  97304

Message notes are below. 393 more words

Better Life

Advice on Love and Relationships from Strangers

At the end of my last relationship, in one of my exes and my conversations I stated “I need a man, someone who is ready to be a grown-up.” I feel comfortable sharing this, because he completely agreed with me that he had some growing to do and that he wasn’t ready for the settled down life I wanted. 539 more words

5 Great Habits of Successful People

Our habits play a major role in the outcomes we produce. Many of us have unproductive and damaging habits. These habits often keep us from creating the results that we would prefer. 675 more words

Taking Action

A Junk Man's Treasure

They called him “The Junk Man” because his hobby was to pick up junk and restore it. For Robert Godwin Sr., the satisfaction of restoring all things junk was married into the life of leisure that retirement brings, which often found the former foundry worker sitting behind a fishing pole at his favorite spot. 295 more words

Boxing and Bluegrass

It’s been 2 weeks since I posted my Year of Single bucket list. So far I have a knocked two items off my bucket list. 305 more words

Dealing with Toxic "friends"

I sat here thinking how i would start this post. I googled and i searched Pinterest for so many quotes about friendship, relationships and toxic people in the hope i’d find something that would help me start. 1,240 more words