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The best revenge is self love.
The best revenge is working on yourself. Forget about getting even, forget about giving them a taste of their own medicine, forget about making them regret the day they hurt you. 348 more words

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How to Get Rid of Nervousness: Lose the Fear and Guide Your Mind

Anyone who knows me knows that if there was a magic pill for how to get rid of nervousness, then I surely would have found it by now. 1,070 more words

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5 Ways To Find True Happiness

There’s a difference between pleasure and happiness is that pleasure is fleeting and orchestrated, but true happiness is natural and spontaneous.

Everyone has moments of feeling on top of the world; maybe you won a race, got a promotion or had a baby — if you could bottle up the euphoria of falling in love, you’d be a millionaire. 565 more words

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I’ve come to a time in life, I need a change. I’m not happy with my success and I know I have more to offer in this world. 275 more words


How to Stop Hating Yourself and Learn to Love All of Yourself!

The world is full of enough hate, the last thing you need is to hate yourself. If you’re tired of hating yourself, learn how to stop hating yourself. 976 more words

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Find Yourself Again After a Seriously Low Point in Life

In moments where it feels like the rug has been pulled beneath your feet, it is easy to feel lost and unmotivated. This is how to find yourself again. 1,039 more words

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Friday Fictioneers: Portkey Life

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Word count:  100

“That’s odd.” Cordelia stopped, tugging Montague’s jacket as he walked ahead.

“What’s that, pippin?” He stepped backwards, eyeing the boots, and came to rest behind his wife’s shoulder. 77 more words