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I am a full-time dreamer and a part-time loner.

Life couldn’t get any better.

The world spins in reverse.

Days are darker and nights are brighter. 20 more words


Updated Utopia!

There is an ideal about a perfect community. A perfect world. Where everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone respects one another, where evil does not exist; No wars , no discrimination, no poverty, no crime, no lies . 598 more words

Better Life

Just Keep Singing

“I want to sing like the birds sing—not worrying about who hears—or what they think.” – Rumi

When I put my daughter, Zoey, to sleep at night, the one thing she always asks is for me to tell her the story of my day. 1,096 more words



I belong to the Atlanta chapter of the American Sewing Guild. The annual meeting was this past weekend, and the guest speaker was Sarah Gunn… 536 more words


Coming Out!

OK! I admit I don’t really have anything to say today. But I deeply feel the need to write. This is how I cope with my problems. 310 more words

Better Life

Letting go of your dreams

Like most people, I often confuse myself between my wishes and my dreams — a wish is usually only a passing thought that most people never act on but a dream is something that captures your heart and spirit. 482 more words

The future is in your imagination

I was reading a post that a friend created on Facebook.  I am going to call her Anne. It went something along the lines of she had to travel to London on the train tomorrow and there will be a strike.   484 more words