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Learning to slow down - stop and smell the roses

Sometimes we are so busy that we rush through our days and lives, and we fail to notice the simple beauty of living.

We are conditioned to value speed and getting things done quickly. 453 more words

Better Life

A Filthy View

I’ve spent far too much time in my room for too long.

The reasons for this are varied and unimportant.

What is important is the world view this prolonged ‘underexposure’ has left me with. 341 more words

A Life More Random

My top 5 favourite healthy recipes.

I’ve been cooking up a weather disturbance lately and churning out recipes from my fav healthy cookbooks. I try to keep my cooking on the healthier side so when I dine out, I don’t feel guilty about going  all out! 395 more words

Food & Drink

9 tips to wisely celebrate healthier foods and customs

1-Cook with others

Learn about cooking different traditional or regional foods from others wh use authentic recipes and ingredients and explore ways to improve the nutrition of some of your own family favorites.

431 more words

10 tips to help adults in physical activity into their lifestyle

1-Start activities slowly and build up over time
If you are just starting physical activity, build up slowly. This will help to prevent injury. After a few weeks, increase how often and how long you are active. 368 more words


5 Ways to stop wasting your time

1-Get some data

Track your time for a few days, noting how you’re spending your hours and on what tasks, Chandler says. And don’t fudge the numbers. 444 more words


10 Tips for becoming more active as a family

1-Set specific activity times
Determine time slots throughout the week when the whole family is available. Devote a few of these times to physical activity. Try doing something active after dinner or begin the weekend with a Saturday morning walk. 341 more words