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Better Life?

Striving Perfection

My professor was explaining me today of how abstract artists find their artistic style. It’s a learn then unlearn procedure. We initially learn all the basic elements of art for example proportion, perspective, balance, composition, colour schemes. 499 more words


Clean breakfast- #1

Aside from smoothies, the summer I trained for my half marathon the only things I ate for breakfast were oatmeal or egg whites. Luckily for me, I came across a recipe that combined the two so that I could switch it up! 329 more words

Better Life

A Bump in the Road

How do people keep up with blogging?  Really.  Being alive takes time and energy even when nothing is going on.  Add social engagements, fulfilling obligations, or promises to help anyone and the agenda becomes unmanageable.   657 more words

Better Life

Happy, Better, Faster

The tendency to be happy or not is an inherited trait, but the good news is that this is less than half the story. According to a 2012 study of identical and fraternal twins conducted by a team of scientists from top universities around the world, only about a third of our happiness level is determined by genes. 1,987 more words

Build Your Innerwealth

5 Surprising Ways to Be More Productive - Make Your Workspace Work For You

At Innerwealth, we work with nature to make life better. Productivity gets you home earlier, lowers stress, increases your income and makes you more satisfied. Working with nature to be more productive is a win win  on all levels. 1,089 more words

Build Your Innerwealth

The Negative Side Of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can definitely be beneficial; they can assist us in feeling better, especially when we’re feeling down and in the dumps.  However, they also have the potential to pose a great… 1,781 more words

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