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How to manage stress levels

Today I’m going to discuss a few ways we can manage our stress levels but before we look into ways to reduce stress levels, let’s first find out what stress is. 624 more words

Health And Fitness

Essential Benefits of Fitness Trackers

The current hustle and bustle of today’s 24 hour lifestyle is wreaking even more havoc on our health than we realize. The transpiring need of keeping a track on our trackless lifestyle, clarifying where we actually stand on fitness scale is the ultimate goal which fitness tracker caters. 413 more words


Wanna be healthier? Keep it simple. 

So I’ve been hearing Alot of people make excuses for why they don’t work out. Yes you don’t have the time, or you’re always busy. But they you go on these unhealthy diets that can be harmful and expensive. 87 more words

A new adventure!

Welcome to my interactive blog, where I want to interact with my viewers as much as possible. My intentions are to share happiness and stories about my life and compare them to other experiences you guys go through! 93 more words


It Will Come.

Ever find yourself not being where you imagined that you would be? Seems to become more relevant lately. Everyone portrays that mindset through social media more than ever. 458 more words

Better Lifestyle

New Year, New Me?

So, with the start of the new year, everyone feels the pressure in running around to find a pen and piece of paper and begin scribbling away new year resolutions. 359 more words

Better Lifestyle

Health and Fitness

So, today I started my workouts. I must say that I am very proud of myself, and I am going to keep the momentum and ball rolling. 310 more words

Better Lifestyle