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Date: My trip to Beijing

When I met Travis online, his picture and general demeanour reflected everything I was looking for in a date. He was 28, decent looking, seemed to have an interesting career and was keen to meet for a coffee. 475 more words

Bad Dates

Beep beep boop

I have plagiarized the title. To be fair, in my head when I imagine the sound of computers processing, it is in sets of five not three. 783 more words


New Neighbors, Same Voyeur

The neighbors, Sweetey, Petey, and Baby Dumdum, moved across town with promises to come back for a summer time cook-out. We watched them drive off with the final carload of clothes and boxes, feeling a sense of regret and acceptance that a reunion would never happen. 460 more words

Short Story

Failure is an option...

…and a viable one, at that.

Content wise, I have been resisting the urge to push links to other stories and articles.  We did that in KangWorld, which was fine, but Random Misanthrope is more about us and less about everyone else. 587 more words


Better Luck Next Time, by Perry Como

“Better luck next time” that could never be,
Because there ain’t gonna be no next time for me . . .
No Siree, made up my mind to make another start, … 124 more words


My brother ended up in hospital from attempting to lift weights

My little brother, who is trying to be not so little by lifting weights, ended up in hospital a few days ago after an accident in his ‘home gym’. 177 more words

2014 Review - Oh, hey 2015...

Whats that, 2015? You’ve already been around for a MONTH! When did that happen?! Oh…a month ago…I see…

The calendar year is at it again, rushing away by… 169 more words