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At the end of twelve hours, I sit wearily across from the freshly washed scent softly wafting from my nighttime counterpart. As I peer into her bright visage, I recount the travails of the day and utter wishes of good will for the keepers of the night. 731 more words

7 Relaxation Techniques to Help Ease Tension

With all the stressful situations we face in our day to day lives, it’s good to have knowledge of relaxation responses to these stressors. This will help you avoid negative effects of stress like insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue etc. 542 more words


Do you think about dying? “Nothing I could do about it.” Like I said, there is a certain sagacity to anything uttered by someone who has been alive that long.

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Why Kyle Maynard is the world's most inspiring athlete

The first time Kyle Maynard ever shaved, like most adolescents, he cut himself. But instead of minutes, it took him “hours” to shave his whole face. 978 more words


5 Things You Can Do To Build Trust Quickly

I was selling products all day and was finishing up talking to this customer when he paused, looked straight into my eyes, and said, ‘A good man you are, there’s only a couple of us left.’ Then he walked away with his wife. 1,006 more words


Self-Help Tips to Deal with and Overcome Depression

Depression is characterized by a severe and typically prolonged feeling of sadness and dejection. It is basically a state of feeling sad about everything. It makes us irritable, saps our energy and motivation, and negatively affects our ability to experience joy, pleasure and excitement. 867 more words


You Have Two Choices: Man Up or Bitch Out

In every situation there are two choices; one is strong, the other weak. ~Chad Howse
Life is simpler than we allow it to be because to make it complicated is to gives us an excuse for not solving the problem, and the problems are many, but typically black and white. 383 more words