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Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Goals Actually Happen In 2017

​Remember those grandiose New Year’s resolutions that you thought of three weeks prior? Definitely, neither do we. Most people don’t make it 21 days (the time it takes to form a new habit) before those resolutions blur from our memory. 1,074 more words


Assassin Chalk Talk

Disclaimer: The author in no way is attempting to discuss the moral or social implications of murder for hire. The author also waives any responsibility for any reader’s decision to become an assassin. 991 more words

3 Stoic Lessons That’ll Change The Way You Think

If you could sum up stoicism it would be the ability to decipher what you can and cannot control. Most people in our society spend time and energy and even lifetimes focusing on things that are completely out of their control, and in some way, in some time during our day, we all do it. 1,016 more words


A Must Listen, Liddy Clark's Cover of "Better Man"

The hottest song right now is definitely “Better Man” sung by Little Big Town and written by Taylor Swift. The song is currently sitting at #10 on the Country charts and is one of the fastest rising songs. 181 more words


16 Little Things You Can Do Everyday That Will Make You Happier

Sometimes, what life throws at us can make even the strongest of us feel depressed.

Well not on Juicylinks. Instead, we threw in a happiness expert for some easy tips to feel great that don’t involve buying a fifty grand watch, going to Shoprite or dating a supermodel. 527 more words


Life Should Happen On Purpose

A life should happen on purpose. Yet, most allow it to go along for no good reason.

Discipline is freedom. The more discipline you have over your thoughts, emotions, desires, and days, the more control you wield over your life. 437 more words


​100 Things A Real Man Doesn’t Do

What is a man? Biologically we know he has a braciole, balls, and hair under his arms. But what makes a real man ? Our society is filled with men who aren’t real men . 1,652 more words