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Don't be a Fool

How wise are these words!

What I have come to find for myself is that anyone who is striving to live their highest purpose on this planet is sure to receive some flack for doing so. 117 more words

Tools For Success


I am dying to see you…

I am dying to see your face, your smile and your laugh…

I am dying to tell you what’s my day… 110 more words

The 'Better Man' Show Down - Pearl Jam vs. Little Big Town

Music is the universal language. So when identical phrases are used in significantly different songs do the messages still ring true? Can the theme keep rhythm? 529 more words

High School

Wish You Were A Better Man (Ode Of Pastor/Deacon Wifey's)

Consider the Song. Why didn’t you Janet (RIP)? How could you CoverUp Kim? How about it Groomer Greer? Got any Torment Tara? Silence Steph? Confessions Chris? 176 more words

Star Scott

Radio 82, side A, track 2: "Better Man" by Pearl Jam

Oh, Pearl Jam, this blog now has some cache because you have now graced us with your presence.  I know it’s crazy, Pearl Jam, but I forgot how ridiculously awesome you are.   225 more words


In Harvard visit, Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch, Breyer emphasize their faith in the rule of law

The mood was festive, rather than disputatious, on Friday evening as Supreme Court Associate Justices Stephen G. Breyer, J.D. ’64, and Neil M. Gorsuch, J.D. ’91, sat down to discuss “the rule of law.” 539 more words

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Better Man

I wished for so long
you were a better man.
All the wishes
in all the worlds
couldn’t make you
a better man.
Because in the end, 193 more words