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Poem of the Week: Just Another Long and Rambling Love Poem

Just Another Long and Rambling Love Poem
April 12, 2015

Lou Gramm once said that he wanted to know
Just what love was, and he sang about it so… 402 more words


I know some have fallen On stony ground But Love is all around

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I’m getting old
Before my time

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain… 50 more words

Better Man

Better Man by Pearl Jam (which you can listen to here) speaks of a woman unable to leave her partner because she’s scared and because she can’t find or thinks she can’t find a better man than the one she’s with. 253 more words


My Love Affair With Scripture - Part I

What follows is the first of a two part essay on how I came to discover and enjoy a life-long love affair with scripture. Although no longer attending the LDS Church and participating in any of its activities, Part 1 is expressed in context of my cultural and heritage-based connection to the Church, to its scriptures and my personal experience. 1,300 more words


On and Off

Dear Ex,

Please read the Disclaimer post. Read at your own risk lol. This post is not about you. It’s just in a way triggered by you. 618 more words


A journal of a life's progression from this point in time.

In late October I was initiated into Masonic Lodge # 34 in Spokane, Washington.

My life at my age has been full of new experience. That experience comes from exposure to a society not steeped in formalized religion upon which performance, business and a constant spiritual sauntering across a never ending public stage is no longer part and parcel of what it means to be spiritual, just and upright. 147 more words

Better Man

Leon Bridges announces release date for his debut album!!

The hour might of changed, yet spring still feels just round the corner and summer still a distant memory but there’s plenty to look forward to! 93 more words

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