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Marriage and Those Pesky Trash Cans

Sophie Sims-Stapleton turned onto her street and could see them as plain as day. It wasn’t day, of course. It was actually twilight, the evening fast approaching as street lights started to come on, the darkness slowly draping the neighborhood. 1,560 more words

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Reason Why Having a Daily Practice of Love In Your Marriage Enriches Life.

And here we are…Valentine’s Day…the day we like to call Happy Love Day! ⠀

We’ve learned a lot of things about love over almost 21 years of being a couple. 732 more words


New Year, New Season

I’ve always been a huge college football fan. As a southerner, let me tell you that college football is almost a religion down here. When you move to or visit a southern state you are not asked where you live as often as you’re asked which team you pull for. 517 more words

2017 in Review: Top 10 Posts on this Blog

Based on the posts with the highest number of likes, here are the summaries of the top 10 posts on this blog in 2017:

#10.  1,051 more words


A Different Kind of Life-Hack

You probably know some helpful life hacks for cooking, cleaning, or organizing your garage.

Here’s one for your marriage:

Remember the letters H-A-C-K.

The word “hack” is not very appealing, but as an acronym, it represents some fantastic tools for building your marriage.

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