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Ever been talking with someone and the conversation seems to just sort of grind to a halt? Not necessarily an uncomfortable one, but it just seems like there’s nothing more to say for the time being? 837 more words


All The Reasons 'Better Off Ted' Should Be The Next Comedy You Binge Watch On Netflix

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Better Off Ted going off the air. Beloved by fans, but unable to find an audience thanks to ABC moving it around the schedule, … 459 more words


Better Off Ted

On the subject of TV shows tragically cancelled before their time, (of course we were on that subject, don’t be ridiculous) near the top of that list should be the duo of Better Off Ted and Andy Richter Controls the Universe, two shows created by Victor Fresco. 1,079 more words


Cancelled Comedy Clip of the Week: Better Off Ted/Engineering

In this week’s installment of my weekly post series (soon-to-be-cancelled due to low ratings), Cancelled Comedy Clip of the Week, I bring you a hilarious and tangentially engineering-related excerpt from  10 more words


Dear White People

Years later, I can hear in my mind the squeaking horror of my cousin recounting the moment her best friend reached forward on a city bus and fingered the Afro of the man on the seat in front of them. 1,800 more words


I'm all atwitter

On Tuesday night, I took a break from watching election results to catch an episode of a new sitcom, Benched. It’s essentially Scrubs with lawyers in a public defenders office, which makes it so perfectly right up my partner’s alley that it’s like scientists developed it in a lab exclusively for him. 579 more words


The Best New Sitcom Of The Fall Premieres Tonight; Here's Why You Need To Watch 'Benched'

If you liked Eliza Coupe in Happy Endings, you’re going to love USA Network’s Benched. Like Marry Me is essentially a spin-off of Casey Wilson’s character on Happy Endings with a new boyfriend and a new set of friends, Benched takes the Type-A personality of Coupe’s character from the ABC sitcom, turns it up to eleven, and then gives her a psychotic break. 354 more words