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Reminder for every 6 months..

Writing a note to someone is tricky,

when you don’t know what the reply will be.

And this confusion increases when that someone is YOU, 217 more words

Different Angles

They Made Changes

For further reading on my hatred of people who complain about books-turned-movies, click here.


So am I wrong?

It’s a beautiful rainy day here in Lahore, Pakistan and as I sit outside my dorm building, sipping on a warm cup of tea, the chilly breeze blowing my hair out against my face, listening to music as a I wait for Fahad to answer incorrectly again on Trivia Crack (God, that game is addictive!) – a song catches my attention. 1,059 more words

Sunday Morning Musings 

Hello again, world.

I’ve neglected you a bit, haven’t I. Truth be told, I’ve been absent from a lot of things. I could tell you that I’ve just been unwell, but that would be lying to you and to myself. 589 more words


Setting Goals

Setting goals may sound corny, but it is such an important habit, especially for harmonica. I learned this the hard way. For about six months last year, I drifted in my harmonica playing. 281 more words


I’ve been busy, you know the usual college stuff, assignments, projects, tests, exams,

with that the pertaining feeling of wanting to sleep as I get up at 5:30 every morning and travel in bus for 4 hours back and forth. 116 more words

Health Diary Continued...QVAR's New Nebulizer

I have just started the new QVAR inhaler, and it seems to work way better than the traditional ones.  Why?  Because somehow the company has reengineered the canister holder with a new design and new materials, so that it somehow projects the product into the mouth in a way that is stronger, faster, and seems to leave less residue.   82 more words

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