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Life will get better

Sometimes it feels as if life will never get any better or any easier. Sometimes it feels as if the world is against us and nothing will go to plan. 105 more words

Me, getting ready to leave my house...

I’ve had a super-hectic week and have definitely been all up in my head – completely unanchored.  Something I like to do to bring myself back into my body is notice, really *notice*, what’s happening as I go through something mundane.   682 more words

Happy Friday!

Wrapping up a week of lemons, coconuts, and bee pollen I found a free Zumba class at our local community center.

Just being honest, I’d never Zumba’d before. 288 more words


You might want to try this if you're keen on achieving greatness 

1. Transcendence. The sense of purpose beyond the ordinary. The self realised goal allows you to move from the ordinary into the extraordinary. The very decision to not be average but to be great, changes the way you view yourself and what you’re capable of. 51 more words

Dear Twenty-year Old Me

The Earth - A Better place

Rather than making the world a better place we should allow the earth to make it a better place for us by supporting nature..

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5 ways to make a better iced coffee

Stumptown Coffee‘s Katie Bernstein shows Food52 how to make our cold brew better — from gear to add-ins, like ice cream and booze.

Good iced coffee is much more than just the sum of its parts. 163 more words