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...Once Upon a Rhyme...

Once upon a time there was a rhyme, he rhymed for his life. He rhymed and rhymed to get a dime, to get many of them. 82 more words

Aphorismen - Sententiae - Sprachspiel


I am better in front of your reflection, you and I bleed the same lie.


When your body tells you that you need to do better

Life is busy.. And somewhere between work work work and trying to have a tiny social life, my time dedicated to my health and fitness has disappeared. 293 more words


What's Coming?

I’ve been quiet lately. I have been expending my words and my creativity in nooks and crannies and processes other than here; finishing a book and mothering a toddler I wasn’t sort of expecting and three kiddos I definitely was. 450 more words



Life consists of a myriad of changes and while we live we go through changes. The things we have to do to adjust and grow can some times be taxing and overwhelming; that is why I appreciate having the opportunity to write, release, pray, cry, scream and athough it’s not a good way to release, heck I’ll be honest getting out a good cussing has helped me LOL (don’t judge me). 123 more words

The World Outside Your Window

Random Acts of Kindness

I remember reading a magazine when I was a little girl and one of the pages introduced me to “Random Acts of Kindness.”

This bedazzled my world. 315 more words


Pushing Beyond

Pushing Beyond

Recently, one of my professors did not accept what I submitted. He did not accept it because the submission failed to meet the parameters. 230 more words