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Semper Ad Meliora

About two years ago I actually sat down and planned how to kill myself a year from that date. I thought I had it all planned. 617 more words


moving in…

How excited are you whenever you have to move homes?

Now if you’re upgrading to a bigger better house that
might sound good.

But, I’m talking about packing up boxes, closing on loans, 200 more words

Easy Portion Sizes and making the better choice with Weight Watchers

Food Scale
Chocolate chip angel food cake
What to Eat Before and After Your Workout Taylor 11lb Glass Platform Digital Food Scale The Acidity and the Alkalinity of Foods… 31 more words

Cheap earrings

Ever find a pair of earrings you like but after you wear them for a while your ears start to itch and feel sore? I’ve had a few like that. 96 more words

Picking up sticks

We had a big storm here not too long ago and it brought down some trees, branches, and of course made everything soggy for about a week. 126 more words

I have nothing to talk about,

nothing to post about.

I have many things on my mind,

trying to wrap it around my head and accept, 86 more words



To fight against anything keeps the focus on that which we seek to conquer.

Success comes not with overcoming but replacing with something better.

Progress is not possible. 23 more words