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Betty Blue - Erika

After clubbing all night I made my way to Uguisudani early saturday morning to check into the Asian P Door and catch a few hours of sleep before calling up a girl.

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Betty Blue

Betty Blue - Clara

Date/Time: June – 6 PM
(Basic Japanese with Mix of English)

Stats: B: 91 W: 57 H: 90

80 min service: Y 20,000…

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Betty Blue

Betty Blue - Aibi

Today I have tried Aibi from Betty Blue http://www.bettybluedh.com/girls/ivy/girls.html
I went to Uguisudani and booked the LH. Then I called Betty Blue and chose Aibi.

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Betty Blue

Betty Blue - Bara

Have tried bera. My 1st time experience in booking a LH was not really that good as I speak English and use a phone translator software but still managed to get 1.

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Betty Blue

Betty Blue - Kiki

I just came back from Uguisudani, with Kiki http://www.bettybluedh.com/girls/kiki/girls.html
I first called Love Doll, but no good for Caucasian. (They asked my citizenship, so it may be OK for asians).

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Betty Blue

Betty Blue - Ivy

Date/Time: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Provider: http://www.bettybluedh.com

Contact Info: http://www.bettybluedh.com/girls/ivy/girls.html

Type/Location: Betty Blue at Uguisudani. Love hotel Asaian P-Door (2 hrs @¥3,500!)

Language Specifics: Gaijin friendly but my Japanese is good…

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Betty Blue - Bara

Today, I headed off to Uguisudani and as planned from last week. Once I got to Uguisudani I headed off to the hotel which I thought seemed relaxing and really good for its price.

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