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Riverdale Rant Review - Season 2 episode 8 -House Of The Devil - The Fail!

…with of course…Spoilers!

Pre-warning, this is more rant then review…

So…oh my god, is where I am going to start, like Jesus guys!

If you ever wanted to piss off nearly all your shows fan’s in one episode you have gone, and fucking done it…. 770 more words


Fight for me.

Words/Story: Diana Tyler

Pictures: Riverdale

It’s always a pleasure to make stories out of pictures. Also, there is no Riverdale to review this week so this would have to do.


The Best Bughead Moments We Have So Far

Bughead is, with no doubt, the dearest and cutest couple on Riverdale. Lili and Cole’s chemistry is something to live for and makes our favorite couple’s moments even more special! 40 more words

Archie Andrews

Opinion: Why Bughead could be so much more

I bet the hit series “Riverdale” couldn’t have predicted or even thought of the massive success one of its main pairings has achieved.
And really, if you have been to Instagram, you will find lots of pictures, fan theories, fan fiction scenes and everything else about the couple. 1,395 more words

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They covered one of my favorite songs days before my before my birthday! <3

This show actually keeps me sane.

Mad World – Riverdale Casts


Archie Loves Betty And Veronica

I thought we were already this triangle already. Archie loves Betty Cooper as a childhood friend, stop bringing this up everytime Veronica!

From – Archie #26

Archie Comics

Earned Ultimatums in Archie 26

by Ryan Mogge

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Ultimatums are a hallmark of melodrama. 420 more words

Ryan Mogge