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Riverdale vs. Archie Comics: A Comparison

If you didn’t know by now, Riverdale is based off of a 75-year-strong comic series, Archie Comics. Also, you’re living under a rock, and/or clearly don’t read my episode recaps. 2,221 more words

Fandom Life

Calm down, Archie-kins, there's no need for Slut Shaming

Here’s another definition from my #1 source, Urban Dictionary. The most accurate definition of Slut Shaming I could find on UD is:

“The act of putting someone down for having sex with too many people.

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Riverdale Questions

1. Most favorite couple:

Bughead is my favorite couple of all time!! They better be bloody endgame!

2. Least favorite couple:

Archie and Ms. Grundy, that was just awkward. 131 more words


Lines and Sketches #14

I drew Lili Reinhart a while ago.

If you’re watching Riverdale then you already know she plays Betty Cooper, the girl next door. I love this woman so much it’s not even funny. 262 more words


REVIEW of RIVERDALE EP. 10, “The Lost Weekend”

Agents of Chaos And the Plot Thickens

Grade: A

The trap that CW shows fall into sometimes is “adulterizing” their shows. “Teenagers” (aka twentysomethings with young faces and six-packs) deal with very adult situations in very adult ways, in very adult clothes. 1,015 more words


#A2ZChallenge: J is for Jughead Jones

Dear Jughead

You are pretty awesome. I can say that as a certified authority on Archie Comics (there was only so much quality enrichment in small-town Indic 1980s).   597 more words