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Comic Book Review: Archie (2015) #1

With its smart, relevant writing from Mark Waid and amazing eye-appealing art by Fiona Staples, the rebooted Archie series felt like it was a long-overdue finally delivered. 121 more words

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Archie 1

Today, Drew and Spencer are discussing Archie 1, originally released July 9th, 2015.

Drew: Ah, the reboot. Comics have a long history of restarting characters from the beginning (or something resembling it), but new artists reimagining familiar characters can be seen everywhere, from Peter Pan to Macbeth. 1,729 more words

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The Lipstick Incident and a Short History of Lipstick in Comics

Lipstick is one of the strangest objects when it comes to comic book characters, specifically its female characters.  If one looks at an average female character, the color of their lips is almost always one which could be achieved by women in the real world only with lipstick.   681 more words


Review: Betty and Veronica #276

In some ways it is strange to read this latest issue of Betty and Veronica.  Although the stories of Archie and the gang have been undergoing somewhat of a change in recent years as they have included a string of celebrity guests and covered some heavier topics, this issue also comes out after the end of Archie Comics with issue #666 earlier in the month.   325 more words


Review: Archie #666

The importance of Archie Andrews to comics is often understated, even if it shouldn’t be.  For a long while in the history of the medium, it was the romance genre which ruled, and although most of them have come and gone (or changed into something else) Archie is still here from a time and place that makes him almost an anachronism.   323 more words


Review: Betty and Veronica #275

The most recent story arc has taken the girls from what is the most common denominator for all Archie characters – the fictional town of Riverdale.   378 more words


Review: Betty and Veronica #273

The cover for this comic kind of tells the whole story behind the new story arc, except at the same time it really doesn’t.  The girls are bored with Riverdale and seek a way out.  366 more words