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Jughead 2

Today, the Ryans are discussing Jughead 2, originally released November 18th, 2015.

Ryan M.: Nobody likes a smart ass. Of all the things adults said when I was a kid, this may be the most full of shit. 1,646 more words

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A Guided Tour of Jughead's Boudoir...

As one of the few comic book series to span the entire postwar period and address the unique experiences of America’s teenage population, Archie comics offer an excellent opportunity to assess certain features of teen bedroom culture. 1,786 more words

Punching John Glenn In The Face

The Lipstick Incident

We finally learn what the very hyped Lipstick Incident was all about. We’ve been teased for the last 3 issues about this event that caused the breakup of long time couple Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper.

– Archie #4

Archie Comics

Betty Cooper's Real Name

I believe this is the first time Betty disclosed her full name. I normally don’t like retcons on beloved characters but Elizabeth Cooper does have a ring to it.

– Archie #4

Archie Comics

Archie #1 2 And 3

Finally got my hands on first prints of these babies. However I had to settle for a variant cover of #1.

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Archie #3 (Review)

If you missed last month’s review of Archie #2, click here to read it.

“I’m going to make it the best day of her life.” 711 more words


Jughead 1

Today, Ryan and Taylor are discussing Jughead 1, originally released October 7th, 2015.

Ryan: Every character has a worldview. Conflicting worldviews can be enough to fuel an entire story. 1,711 more words

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