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Mad Men s2e10: The Inheritance

“It’s not easy for anyone, Pete.”

An LA trip is looming! Looks like Pete and Kinsey are going to Los Angeles, due to a hookup from Crab Colson. 1,340 more words

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Inktober day 15

Her neck is too long, inspired by Betty Draper.


Mad Men s2e8: A Night To Remember

“She’s so much woman.”

Loud opening scene, with Betty taking out her aggression at the stables, running both that horse and herself ragged. This episode is the boiling point, the Hindenburg, the Titanic, the dinner party heard ’round the world. 1,267 more words

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Mad Men s2e7: The Gold Violin

“Like the song says, Enjoy yourself — it’s later than you think.”

Don is pondering buying a new car from Breaking Bad’s Elliott at the Caddy dealership. 1,162 more words

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Mad Men s2e3: The Benefactor

“I’ve seen the man sober. He’s not funny.”

Ahh, the first appearance of Jimmy Barrett! This acerbic comedian from hell is a pretty fun character. Right out of the gate, he roasts the planetary Mrs. 686 more words

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Mad Men s2e1: For Those Who Think Young

“Young people don’t know anything.. especially that they’re young.”

Well hello! We find ourselves in February 1962, 15 months after the end of Season 1. Valentine’s Day!  793 more words

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Some Draper Thoughts

Over this past summer, I watched Mad Men. While the series did end on a far more optimistic note than the 1960s did themselves, the show is ultimately a tragedy in the Aristotelian sense. 493 more words