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Mad Men and The Way We Never Were

By, Jenny Nigro – M.O.M. Social Media Blogger

I took a trip over Mother’s Day weekend that wound up being extended by a day and a half due to severe weather over Texas. 1,348 more words

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About Mad Men ...

誰叫Mad Men完了呢﹖

Mad Men前幾天終於播出最後一集,今天花了一整天就是看罷最後一季,還有人人都談論著的Finale!!!

Mad Men這套神劇推出時,對於我來說簡直是驚為天人!omg!!! 50’s!!!!! This is my favourite era! 此劇背景設定50年代,就是Marilyn Monroe、大傘裙,人人都裝得很glamourous的年代!(王嘉衛《花樣年華》都好似設定在差不多的年代﹖)

Glamorous的東西我一向都難很抗拒的,不一定是bling bling的東西,有時是一種態度,一種意識形態……whatever, what the hell i know about 意識形態 :) as long as something pretty and beautiful and feminine, I would love it! 71 more words


Mad Men Review: Season Four Finale - A steaming pile of folderol

Yes, I am fully aware that Mad Men, the entire series, has concluded in real time, though that won’t discourage me from jotting down my thoughts as I power through the series on Netflix. 556 more words

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Un altro pippone su Mad Men (dalla parte di Betty Draper)

Visto che non ne parla nessuno vorrei parlare del finale di Mad Men, che è una delle pochissime serie tv che ho seguito davvero (le altre sono Louis CK e Breaking Bad). 790 more words

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{SPOILER ALERT} Fuck You Don Draper and Your Pissing Yoga Retreat!

I don’t want to spoil the finale for you but I sort of do because it’s spoiled for me, in fact the whole show is, because it didn’t deliver on a single thing it promised. 919 more words