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Mad Men s2e1: For Those Who Think Young

“Young people don’t know anything.. especially that they’re young.”

Well hello! We find ourselves in February 1962, 15 months after the end of Season 1. Valentine’s Day!  793 more words

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Some Draper Thoughts

Over this past summer, I watched Mad Men. While the series did end on a far more optimistic note than the 1960s did themselves, the show is ultimately a tragedy in the Aristotelian sense. 493 more words


Mad Men s1e11: Indian Summer

Fun fact: I loathe unseasonable warmth. Hate it. The irony that I live in Los Angeles, a dusty city in the midst of a 5 year nightmare drought, is not lost upon me. 850 more words

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Mad Men s1e9: Shoot

Ah, smarmy Jim Hobart. This indecent prune of a man will be a recurring theme, gnawing at the edges of Don’s professional life. In Shoot… 874 more words

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the perfect guest

Partner:  So what are you planning to do? Just not go?

Me:  Exactly.  This isn’t the hookah bar.  It’s a dinner party made up of sheltered, white, privileged poster children for the mainstream. 178 more words

Mad Men s1e7: Red in the Face

This episode offers some more depth to Roger Sterling. He invites himself to Don and Betty’s house for dinner, and a vague form of mayhem ensues. 693 more words

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Mad Men s1e6: Babylon

It’s Mother’s day! Don is not fully engrossed in breakfast-in-bed-for-Betty, and promptly falls over while reading the funny papers on the staircase. Somehow, he narrowly avoids death. 764 more words

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