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Bergen County Let Me Down: Violence against Women Ignored and 4 Women a Day Die

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Today as I sat in court awaiting my case I was shocked to see no less than 7 DV cases go unheard because the women did not take the case forward. 476 more words


Judge DeAvila-Silebi gives a piece of peace to aggrieved survivors

By: Dara Carlin, M.A.
Cross Posted from: Honolulu Domestic Violence & Abuse Examiner

Vindicator: (noun) from the word “vindicate” (from www.yourdictionary.com)

  1. 1.       to clear from criticism, blame, guilt, suspicion, etc.; uphold by evidence or argument…
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Women's Rights

Louisa Richardson Rodas needs your support Friday 3/23/12

BettyJean Downing –Kling

For Immediate Release:

We need to fill this courtroom, can Louisa count on your physical support Friday?

Friday March 23
Hackensack, NJ  Courthouse…
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Ode to my Pop: Roy Downing A WWII Aviator

I lost my 90 year old dad this year; my mother lost her partner of 65 years. The picture above was my favorite since I was a very little girl, I remember looking at it and thinking – My daddy is a hero! 951 more words

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Help get Justice for Louisa

URGENT- the squeaky wheel gets the oil! I’m Louisa’s Mom and I need your help.

Updates to her story are available please follow the enclosed links. 167 more words

Violence Against Women

Sarah Coit 23 decapicated by Raul Barrera 33

BettyJean Downing Kling

She screamed for her life – but he savagely stabbed her to death. We can document and be the news team boldly advertizing a minimum of 4 of these a day- and we should. 438 more words

Violence Against Women

Radical women stole the words feminist and choice

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Dear Sisters,

If you are familiar with me and my group- you know that I was all over this country fighting for Hillary because I believed she was the very best candidate from either side running for office in 2008. 855 more words