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Beurre blanc

Aaaaaah, une sauce, ça faisait longtemps. Alors oui, on peut se passer de sauces. Mais vous verrez qu’avec une simple sauce, tous les plats sont sacrément meilleurs. 393 more words


Betel leaf-steamed sea bass

Cooking French cuisine in a bamboo dim sum steamer is fun. 41 more words


Red snapper filets with crispy potato scales

This dish was a lot of fun to make. After scaling my snapper, I lined the filet with potatoes to recreate the scales Paul Bocuse-style. It couldn’t get any more traditionally ’70s or French once I plated it with a turned mushroom and white wine and butter sauce. 31 more words


Salmon and sea bass terrine with spinach, basil and beurre blanc sauce

This dish is yet another terrine. It was cooked in a loaf pan but sliced and plated for the photograph.

Beurre blanc sauce is just so lovely and glossy when it’s done right. 41 more words


Salmon to watch over me

A small package, wrapped in a brown paper mushroom bag arrived for me from Eugene, Oregon the other week. Inside, thanks to my friend Linda Schindler, was… 821 more words