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Excuse me, Sir, You're Wasted.

“Excuse me, sir, you’re wasted.” may have been exactly what I was thinking but that’s exactly what you cannot say to someone who has had too much to drink. 390 more words


The Words on This Bud Label Are Causing a Major Uproar

The maker of Budweiser and Bud Light, like other producers of mass produced American beers, is stuck in a branding quandary. Many of the people still drinking beer are opting for craft brews. 358 more words

Dr. Pepper: A scrappy survivor in a sea of struggling soda giants

For decades, there were few things more quintessentially American than taking a gulp, or many more, of fizzy soda at parties, at home, at barbecues, at picnics, at movie theaters— really almost anywhere. 1,039 more words


Bordeaux Futures 2014

There I lay, a few weeks ago, sound asleep and dreaming of the ice cream truck slowly winding its way through my childhood neighborhood. What a perfect dream; in the background played the silly Benny Hill type music notorious of ice cream trucks and every ten or fifteen seconds the truck bell, an echo-location device used to separate kids from cash, would ding! 366 more words


Alcohol policy in the EU - State of play March 2015

Written by Teresa Lopez Garcia and Adela Maghear

The 2006 EU Alcohol Strategy officially came to an end in December 2012. A report published in December 2012 evaluated the impact of this strategy and concluded that it was still very relevant and had brought about positive added value in terms of addressing alcohol-related harm. 1,509 more words


Neil Patrick Harris is back in these hilarious new Heineken commercials

Neil Patrick Harris is starring in new advertisements for Heineken, helping the beer brand infuse more humor into its ad campaign.

Harris appears in a 15-second TV teaser and a two-minute video posted online as part of a Weiden + Kennedy New York campaign. 197 more words


Drink It Up: Terrapin Beer Company

Perhaps one of the best known watering holes in Athens, Terrapin Beer Company brews an excellent variety of beers and offers the locals and tourists a nice way to stay outdoors and enjoy a beautiful beer. 216 more words