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Babble On

Do you recall the story of Babylon?  You know the time God dispersed mankind into different parts of the world with different languages, so that we could not communicate.  658 more words


Confessions From Hospice Nurses Part 1 (G-uno)

In my opinion the majority of nurses can be divided into two basic categories the amazing Florence Nightingales, or the batshit crazy ones. Of course those two categories branch off into a thousand other categories, but those are most definitely the first two divisional starting points. 555 more words

A piece of art goes on the auction block

Who among us doesn’t remember the Beverly Hillbillies?  For years I have traveled to the Florida Flywheelers winter show in Avon Park and looked with awe at this lovely sculpture, along with another fascinating car called “the Travelers”.    430 more words

Beverly Hillbillies Classic -- 'Home For Christmas'

The family’s plane ride alone is enough to make you roll in the floor laughing, but this segment is a heartwarming way to celebrate the holiday.


A Missouri Trail We Owe to the Beverly Hillbillies

How is it that I’m hiking through deep woods after a 15-minute drive from the touristy city of Branson, Missouri? Along side of a beautiful creek and 14-foot waterfall, the speed of driving through development on Hwy 65 gives way to a peaceful walking pace. 405 more words

#ClutchandWiggle Tarnation

Yeah, TWO podcasts coming up this week? What in tarnation is right!


50 Signs That Mean You Are Definitely Getting Older...

Judging from your response to 50 Signs that You May be Getting Slightly Older, it would seem that a lot of us are wandering around but have forgotten why, singing the theme song from Gilligan’s Island, trying to remember where we put those gifts so we would know where to find them and repeating the same stories to our children. 971 more words