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On October 4 "Beverly Hills, 90210" made its television debut...

On October 4, 1990 “Beverly Hills, 90210” made its debut on Fox and began its 10 season run. The show followed the lives of a group teenagers as they dealt with the issues of high school, as well as the transition into young adulthood. 134 more words

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Happy Labor (Free) Day

Every now and then, it’s nice to have a holiday on a Monday. I wouldn’t want it all the time, seeing as how it makes Tuesday feel like Monday on steroids with all the playing catch-up. 212 more words

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New trending GIF By Jose Diaz /I Am The Videographer Has Gone Viral Again After Being Shared on Giphy

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90210, The 90's & Social Messages

Recently I’ve become addicted to The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat’s Beverly Hills 90210 podcast .  These ladies are super-fans to the core, and as you listen to them discuss and dissect each episode with a zealous amount of passion and humor,  you can’t help but want to share it with other fans of the show. 479 more words

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(there’s spoilers after the “Read More” tag!)

I have a pretty fierce relationship with television. I was always happiest as a young girl when I was plopped in front of the television; my strongest  early childhood memories are of commercials and cartoons. 682 more words


8 Beloved 90's TV Shows That Were Terrible

Listen: it’s not very positive to look back at the nostalgic past and trash shows that large swaths of people cherish–but it’s the internet and being negative and mean about things pulls more traffic than positive articles so here we are. 1,854 more words


further annoying recounting of strange dreams

i had a very strange dream last night.

i dreamed i was on the phone with my investment guy, greg. i hadn’t meant to call him, i had mis-dialed but i was too embarrassed to admit it. 861 more words