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BH90210 9.4, Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Run, Matt! These People Are Crazy!

Summary: Kelly’s up late, moping because Brandon hasn’t called from New York. Donna’s also up late, thinking about how Noah’s father’s memorial service is the next day. 1,341 more words


BH90210 9.3, Dealer's Choice: It's Sin City, So Why Not Sin?

Summary: It’s morning at the beach apartment, and Kelly remarks to Donna that Noah has spent the night three nights in a row. Yeah, maybe he doesn’t want to be alone after… 1,475 more words


'Beverly Hills, 90210' epic showdown: Brenda vs. Kelly

Has there ever been a rivalry as fierce as Beverly Hills, 90210’s Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor? Perhaps these characters spent more time as friends than enemies, but their fans have been embattled in an intense competition for over two decades. 1,039 more words

BH90210 9.2, Budget Cuts: In Case You Hadn't Figured It Out Already, Noah and His Dad Are the New Dylan and Jack

Summary: Just seconds into the episode, Kelly learns why it’s called “Budget Cuts” – the foundation that funds the clinic is cutting its funding, and some people’s jobs are in danger. 1,383 more words


9 of TV's best music moments

When it comes to television’s major music moments, some favorites stand out. Archie and Edith Bunker sitting at the piano singing “Those Were the Days,” Zack Attack singing “Friends Forever” on… 1,078 more words

BH90210 9.1, The Morning After: You Can't Handle the Truth

Summary: We pick up where we left off, just after Kelly and Brandon’s cancelled wedding. Only the gang remains at the Walshes’ house, and Kelly sends everyone else off. 1,300 more words


Darren Star Reflects on Creating 90210, Sex and the City in AOL's Inspired Series

On March 31, Darren Star‘s Younger will premiere on TV Land, introducing viewers to his latest batch of fun, feisty female characters. But first, AOL is taking the über-creator back to his roots — beginning with the zip code that made him a household name. 162 more words