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Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

You have probably heard of cosmetic surgeons using injections and fillers to minimize fine lines and wrinkles in certain areas of the face. However, new technology is enabling these surgeons to provide greater results in even more areas to provide desired results without the use of surgery. 149 more words

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Cost of Getting Eyelid Lift

The cost of an eyelid lift varies, often depending on personal factors that are specific to your case, the skill and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, and even the geographical location in which the surgery will be performed. 157 more words

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Friday's makeup look 

I really loved my makeup look on Friday night so I thought I’d share what I used! This is the only decent selfie I got that night (always signs of a good night in my personal opinion!) and I don’t have my lipstick on here but I’ll still write about it! 181 more words

April Highlights

I love exploring Los Angeles and other areas in Southern California. Here are a few highlights from the places that I went this month:

  1. Victoria Beach…
  2. 80 more words
A SoCal Series

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While it’s known for the glitz, glamour and high-end shopping on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills has so much more to offer to its residents.  Beverly Hills… 334 more words

Which Plastic Surgeries are Common Among Celebrities?

There are actually a lot of common procedures that celebrities choose to undergo to enhance their physical appeal to the mass audience. Our expert in… 176 more words

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Common Cosmetic Procedures among Celebrities

The reason that many celebrities are known for having cosmetic procedures is because they have so much pressure to fit into strict beauty standards. It is not favorable to show signs of age, even if the person has been well-known in the industry for decades. 155 more words

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