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Trip to Lisbon - Day 3

I had already written everything about my trip to Lisbon, but somehow WordPress managed to lost my articles. Some might say it was my fault, but I always prefer to blame the equipment. 166 more words

Me Myself

I've become a homie

Good night or should I say good morning? If we should get all technical it’s 12.25 am but I don’t count it as a new day until I go to sleep and wake up again so I’m just going to go with good night! 163 more words

Beverly Hills

On my second day in LA I visited Beverly Hills, which showed the city as we see it on TV. Most interesting was how you can see the contrast in the city when you drive from downtown up north to Beverly Hills. 15 more words


Anyone for Polo? - I go daily!

Okay so I love perfume and gorgeous smells so when I saw this on sale I couldn’t resist and bought it on impulse without having even smelt it. 248 more words


NEW: Back from Vacation!

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been gone for a little while, but I’m back from my vacation and I have a new post and some pictures to share! 52 more words

The Shrimp Dick and the Troublemaker - by Candy Lace

by – Candy Lace.

I arrive at LAX at 6.30am in the morning, I had 10 G&Ts on the plane and I’m hungover and exhausted. 1,244 more words