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Beware of DHL delivery scams & exorbitant overseas parcel admin fees from foreign numbers

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A friendly reminder to stay alert

Lately, there’s a rise in delivery scams that have been making rounds on people phones requesting for administrative fees for release of parcels. 254 more words


It's no longer "Buyer Beware" it's "Seller's Remorse"

Right now, the advantage goes to the sellers as for the buyers, not so much! In this market, if you’re thinking of selling, I would strongly advise that you are well prepared. 131 more words

Beware of Personal Injury Settlement Mills

If the negligent actions of a third-party have caused you injury or damage to your property, there are essentially two ways you can be compensated for that injury.  50 more words

Stressed at work? Beware of stroke

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Stress is almost always seen in a bad light and the common assumption is that highly stressed and overworked people have a higher risk of getting a stroke. 880 more words

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GIRLS BEWARE: Your Monthly Period Might Convey Health Issues!

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There are certain diseases that do not have symptoms. These diseases are tagged as asymptomatic. However, there are several illnesses that are being diagnosed by some irregularities in the body.One of the most common issues among…


The Rapists' Point Of View. Beware, Ladies!

Saya sering banget melihat artikel ini seliweran di-share teman-teman pada timeline salah satu Sosial Media (LINE; account @faktual). Saya hanya ingin berbagi salinannya agar wanita lebih waspada. 1,288 more words

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