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Confessions of a Deranged Russia Lover


Well folks, I’ve tried to hide it, minimize it, and evade all general questions on the subject. Unfortunately for me though, a few savvy readers of this site pierced through my veil of mystery and have now outed me. 1,245 more words


Deer Winter

Hey Kids,

Along with the cooler air temperatures, there is yet another evil lurking in these dark, winter times on the road.

The ice has yet to become black upon the road, and the snow has yet to fall but along the sides of the roads, deer are beginning to gather from out of the hills. 111 more words


Common Sense Spammie Rules

Happy Week Before Thanksgiving!

It’s that time again: time for Black Friday Sales, pumpkin pies, four days of blessed vacation (for some of us), and spammies nestling into your blogs.  993 more words

Scam - beware!

I feel it my duty to warn you all of a particular scam, of which I  myself have fallen foul.

This scam is widespread, and despite the best efforts of Thatcher’s government to eradicate it from the UK many years ago, still blights the lives of many people not just here, but indeed, around the world. 23 more words

Atlanta Home Care for the Elderly: Beware of These 3 Stroke Red Flags

Considered among the deadliest conditions along with heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disorder, and cancer, stroke afflicts roughly 800,000 people each year, mostly among the elderly. 93 more words

German Government Promotes Nutritional Guidelines …That Protect Climate (And Not Human Health)!

From NoTricksZone, by P Gosselin

If you need more proof that climate change has taken on cult-like dimensions, then look no further than Germany’s Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU), which delivers it in… 462 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Hello, recent events in the banking sector
has caused me to look into God’s word and
know that the rapture of the saints is no… 352 more words