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Windows 7, 8, and 10: Collecting user data for Microsoft

Uncomfortable with Windows 10 slurping personal data? Too bad — Microsoft rolls out similar snooping capabilities to Windows 7, Windows 8.

Microsoft has been pushing out updates to get Windows 7 and Windows 8 users “ready” for Windows 10, but a handful of recent updates appear to be more focused on data collection and less on features or user experience. 6 more words

Computer Basics

Who can stop malware?

Malware masquerading as advertising is a growing problem, and the ad industry must figure out how to weed out scammers from legitimate companies.

To start a campaign, the criminal first has to trick the ad network into accepting its advertisements. 30 more words


Background The Mountain Mens Beware Of Pit Bulls

The Mens charcoal brown suit with a grey pin stripe is the height of fashion and a keeper for a well rounded wardrobe. Mini check pattern, mid brown color suit gives different outlook with lined pant and pleats. 362 more words

Tom 365 - August 26, 2015

I am not worried. His bark really is worse than his bite.


* Be careful of what?!

Not so many days after my brother and I came close to walking on water as we fled the shark that popped up out of the water (see previous post titled “swimming with a shark–literally“), we were on a bike ride to Manantenina, 100 km north of Fort Dauphin/Tolagnaro. 698 more words


Always Be Aware!

So about a week ago I came across a post on Reddit in which a teacher showed their kindergarten students a YouTube video of a read aloud of The Giving Tree (if you haven’t read it before- highly recommended!). 209 more words


Hey People

I’m currently at KFC right now and my order’s taking too long. Anyways, let me tell you an experience I had. It was quite traumatizing. Here in the Philippines, the most common mode of public transport is the jeepney. 131 more words