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"Now, That's A Film!"

Cartoon worm on hook

looks for a big fish to fight:

beware! The Feature!


Tuesday's Tales from the Shoot - The Annual Family get together

As a super keen amateur photographer, I always find it amusing when people do and don’t ask you to take photos, likewise when is it acceptable to bring your camera gear to a special function; birthday, wedding, family get together?I think photographing people is a lot of fun, I really enjoy it; candid is great, but it is nice to get participation, not so much those cheesy posed shots, but the part posed part candid………portrait photographers will know what I am talking about here; they are posing but you get the in between shots…….the real person. 553 more words



Be aware, One day, I wont be around,

Desperatley, you’ll search the crowd,

When you are high and praised,

By your presence events are graced, 134 more words


A Makeup Nightmare - Ethereal Cosmetics

Long story short, don’t trust everyone or everything you see. Relating to cosmetics, be very careful with new “indie” companies. I happen to buy most of my cosmetics from indie companies and highly respect many of them. 313 more words


Hard Disk Defrag Software - Beware & Repair !

There are a variety of possible ways to fix hard disk problems, so be sure to take the time necessary to figure out how to find a reliable method. 28 more words

Beware of Bad Guys with Panda Support

by hehaden
Today, you live by the Internet and computer, and it has been meticulously affected your emotional and psychological behavior. Everything has gone online whether you talk of work, entertainment, relationship and more. 11 more words