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Imposter Alert!!! Someone is Using My Photos And Graphics On Facebook and Facebook Won't Help.

Word of caution for all friends and acquaintances on Facebook. If you come across a profile that looks like mine, please check the profile well beyond the banner and album pics before you get into liking, friending, starting a conversation or anything else. 523 more words


Beware of Colorado Republicans Claiming to Have Multiple Replacements for Obamacare

The Colorado Republican congressional delegation is talking a lot about replacements for Obamacare, as if they have something in mind, or many options to choose from, without actually…


Beware of Tolls!  I mean Trolls! 

What can go wrong will go wrong.

We decided to take a trip to see a Viking carving in Heavner Oklahoma. Apparently, there were trolls. … 559 more words

Beware of Water – Christina Lee – Medium

Take for example, my male BFF, Geoff. He can’t drink water straight from the tap or any type of service water because he had amoebiasis. He got it when he temporarily lived in a remote rural area… 11 more words


Beware of each day and see where

The clutter rattled

Be aware the next day when it rattles some more

Till the day the pile topples… 21 more words