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Anger is what you feel at that moment
Cause you fear to lose the battle
Cause you hide something of your past
But that cause pain… 80 more words



The dark area of pretense
Someone who lived in there
Must be a dense summoner
And will surely execute the recompense

(A simple quatrain with rhyme scheme of abba)
Artwork by QM


Richard was kind enough to let me post this from his Christmas Compilation of our Drunk Writers’ Club. (Poem by me, but graphics by him, and the graphics best my poetry.) 12 more words

Feed Your Head

Beware of Christian prophets preachers mediums witches and warlocks

Many Christian believers run after the words of men, of prophets, preachers, seers, mediums; people who profess to hear from God, people that produce their own words their own ideologies and prophecies to the liking of men. 324 more words

Beware of the Golf Course!

If you are a golfer, beware of the dangerous hazards that lurk around the course. Spring offers silent foes that could impede your ability to play golf. 476 more words