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Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery (15 April 1933 – 18 May 1995): American film and television actress of the 1960s and 1970s, daughter of actor Robert Montgomery.

24 Femmes Per Second… 31 more words



I’m drawn to your disease

You have a colony of evils, a crew of demons that mirror my own

No words and yet our sins communicate, vibrating on a level beyond our conscious understanding… 201 more words

Honesty Hour

Bewitched-Thinking Loudly...

I have found that over the years telepathy is a two way street. I’ve only been in one relationship that spanned 9 years were he’d pick up on where I was mentally and it was less than ideal… So as in all things Blog I’ll share a brief snippet of it so if it’s happened to you.. 635 more words

Bewitched-Surface Thoughts...

Some would confuse this with Mind Reading but it’s not. The experience is a peculiar one and comes at its own time. I can’t say I ever wake up and say, “Today I’m going to read Surface Thoughts!” Pretty much I wake up, go to work and start answering questions before the other person actually asks. 308 more words


you want change from that?

If you’re like me, it still rattles you that Bewitched changed Darrins on us. From Dick York to Dick Sargent. Without so much as a nose wiggle (or maybe that’s how they did it).   373 more words

It's Life

What I'm Currently Listening to

“You are bewitched!”

Recently I thought I’d switch up my usual choice of metal, which is something along the lines of Slipknot, to something a little more slowed down and old-school. 267 more words