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...of food trucks, windows, & fireworks...

…”Keep on Food Trucking: BC’s food trucks struggling to make ends meet”…”Microsoft launches Windows 10, but does anybody care?”…

It seems Vancouver’s food truck industry ain’t the… 152 more words

La Splash Lip Tint Mousse (Bewitched) Review

Hi Beauties,
I used to collect matte lipstick when I decided to try liquid lipstick that’s currently the hype on the market. I’ve read numerous reviews and watched swatches before deciding what shade to buy, Imagine the feeling of having to choose between pretty colors and ending up getting only one out of frustration. 602 more words

La Splash Lip Tint Mousse

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When I was tempted to sculpt your Eyes with my words,

Those corners adorned by clear sinusoids,

That robbed the sclera its immaculate white.

Desires selfish, lingered a vehement bite. 203 more words

Pagol Baul

Always Something There to Remind Me

Music is really important to me, and I listen to it a lot. We all do these days – shopping to a backing track of some chart song; working out to some trash at the gym; not-really-listening to whatever comes through our headphones on the way to work.  663 more words


Her Fluttering Heart

Her fluttering heart

Makes a delicate

Soft sound

That belies the strength

Behind it

It responds to

Just a hint

Of his presence

And gets stronger… 12 more words

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"The Deception of Externalism"

Click here > “The Deception of Externalism” < listen to audio program.

“In one of his letters, the apostle Paul strives to convince the Galatians that the external trappings of religion are not the spiritual reality — a lesson we need to consider and that Greg drives home in this second program in our 6-part series on the Book of Galatians.” 107 more words

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