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Samantha Should Go

If I were Queen of Salem for a day the very first thing I would do is smite Samantha. I like Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery as much as the next person, but a television character has no business occupying such a prominent parcel in Salem in statue form–especially such a… 970 more words


Bewitched - Limerick

I’m bewitched by those entrancing blue eyes
Deeper than seas, brighter than skies
If there was a doubt
You’ve cast it out
And your love for me is the prize… 15 more words


Life With a Rare Name

You already know this, unless you’re new here, but my name is Tabitha.

It’s an easy, yet rare name.  I’m the only Tabitha I know… in person anyway.   451 more words


Michael Scott Ruins Everything

Can we all agree that Steve Carell is a national treasure? I mean, come on. As Gru (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2) he showed us how lovable a tried and true villain can be. 558 more words



Of the deepest pit,
of the darkest meadows,
you came to me;
a fine, young fellow.
Born like a thought.

Whose existence
is a question… 221 more words


Be Nice Bewitched

The holiday/weather induced working from home has led me to watch numerous amounts of old “Bewitched” reruns each morning. My childhood memory had vague ambivalent feelings about it but the more I watch it now, the more it starts to really annoy me that the show had such a continued theme of rigid condemnation of anyone considered different. 347 more words

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