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Oak Apples

Have you ever thought this kid must be bewitched? It was a common concern long ago, that and being struck with evil eye.
To determine whether a child had been inflicted with either three Oak apples were cut from the oak. 80 more words

The Magic of My Smile

At first, I wasn’t sure how to use it. A handshake made sense, but how many people do I actually shake hands with in a span of a day? 545 more words

DAY 175: I Dream of Genie

Series Run : 1965-1970

139 episodes

Network: NBC

Series Premise (as far as I can tell):

Astronaut discovers a Genie Bottle and becomes the Genie’s master… 266 more words

365 Days

Hummingbird tongues and voracious ravenousitis: Inside "The Bewitched Continuum"

Exactly how many times did Endora call Darrin “Durwood”? How come the Tates only occasionally remembered they had a son? How far away did Darrin’s parents live? 2,913 more words

Classic TV Shows


Plot Summary

Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman (Best Actressin a leading role, The Hours, 2002) and wickedly funny Will Ferrell star as actors playing Darrin and Samantha on a remake of the television show “Bewitched” in this cleverly crafty comedy from Nora Ephron ( 677 more words


Poem #4

At some point,

the eye contact

that turned to a smile
and became a laugh,

that grew into a worry
and reverted to peace,

that changed to fear… 160 more words