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Bewitched first aired on September 17, 1964.

Bewitched first episode aired September 17, 1964.

Bewitched is an American TV situation comedy fantasy which was broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from 1964 to 1972. 146 more words

ED SHEERAN’S “Galway Girl”: As Regressive as Bewitched and The Corrs, without the irony

As someone who considers themselves an avid consumer of quality music spanning most genres,  Ed Sheeran’s particular brand of  earworm pop has  always  presented me with a minor  internal conflict.  545 more words

A Relieving Return to Script-Writing

That title looks grand doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to believe that all our troubles were over? Alas, there are wounds. I have photo albums filled with once marvellous friends and relations that I may never hear from again due to them having sold their souls to device technology and social media. 1,410 more words

Jon Kowal was born on 9-11-1927.

Jon Kowal was born on September 11, 1927 and passed away on February 13, 2003.

Jon Allen Kowal (also credited as John Kowal) played Herm Gossett in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Mudd’s Women”. 158 more words

9-08 Happy birthday to the late Byron Morrow.

09-08 Happy birthday to the late Byron Morrow, Born: September 8, 1911 and passed away on May 11, 2006.

Byron Morrow was a veteran character actor who has appeared twice in the Star Trek universe, both times as admirals in Star Trek: The Original Series. 386 more words

Etrange échappée #2

Bruxelles.        2ieme édition de l’étrange échappée,     balade expérimentale poético-politique bienveillante en forêt de soignes avec Endora Société Joyeuse.
Open protocol-e ouvert et collectif à composer,   bienvenu.e.s.  132 more words

Visiting Maine: A Dream Come True

Mom’s seeing the most northern state on the East Coast began as a teenager when she saw scenes of Maine’s Coast in a television show. My sister had planned a trip for my parents a few years ago for their anniversary, but they weren’t able to go. 1,195 more words