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Hold Up — Is Destiny’s Child Reuniting At Coachella? See Beyonce's Cryptic Hint

OMG! Destiny’s Child may be reuniting at Coachella next year, according to new theory backed up by hints from Beyonce and other members of the group on social media. 558 more words


Beyonce' Shuts Down 'Bieryonce' Beer

Can we say “Grand Opening, Grand Closing”? Faster than Brooklyn’s Lineup Brewing Company could get their “Bieryonce'” german beer up and running, King Bey shut it down. 74 more words


Who am I and why I'm here.

Hey. So my name is Ciubiin Cisu. I’m from unicornrainbowpoop land and I love traveling, especially to unicornrainbowfart land. My mother tongue is French but I speak fluent English. 62 more words


Ed Sheeran & Eminem to release new song "River" & Teejaymilez "Make HEIST Ep" Available Worldwide.

@edsheeran & @Eminem seen together in studio WORKING on “River” 🎤. Set to be out on Friday
#EdSheeran — Perfect Duet (Ed Sheeran & #Beyonce )| River #Eminem by… 17 more words

Beyoncé Just Wore the Exact Same Boots as Kendall Jenner and Rihanna

The KiraKira app is sweeping social media, so naturally three of Instagram’s most-followed stars, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner, were bound to find a way to incorporate the sparkle phenomenon into their wardrobes. 251 more words


Kodak Black Compares Himself To JAY-Z 

Kodak Black has said some really off-the-wall things over the last few years, but his recent comments about how great of a rapper he is may be the most off-the-wall. 47 more words

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The biggest facepalm moments of 2017 are here to make you feel better about your year

2017 was a dumb year. Okay, well, a year in itself is not dumb; a year is an abstract entity unto which we project characteristics. But, come on, 2017 was duuuuuuumb. 1,019 more words